I Needed Someone to do This Right

“I was charged in Washington, DC for smoking marijuana outside the 930 club before a concert. It was the first time being charged with possession in DC. The responding officers were ready to let me go, however a senior policeman showed up and made sure that I was arrested. I was released within a couple of hours. Because my wife has needed legal counsel in the past, I knew from her experience that I absolutely needed a good lawyer. I found the firm through NORML and had a lawyer retained very quickly. I experienced some severe back issues which complicated my case, but attorney Shawn Sukumar set me up with a terrific community service program that accommodated my physical condition. The case took several months to handle. Shawn consistently handled my calls and was very confident in handling my case. I needed someone to do this right because the custody of my son was hanging in the balance. In the end, I did my community service and the case was dismissed. I was so pleased with the firm that I will gladly use their services in future for any type of case.