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Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship Winners

As a criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC Shawn Sukumar has witnessed firsthand the need for justice reform and the impact of the current justice system on those charged with criminal offenses. These experiences have led Shawn to found the Criminal Justice Reform scholarship to reward one deserving student who presents the best overall solution to justice reform. The following are the selected winners:

2017 Winner: Grant Figari

Grant Gigari justice reform scholarship winner 2017Shawn Sukumar is happy to present the 2017 scholarship winner Grant Figari! Grant Figari is currently studying at the University of North Carolina School of Law (Chapel Hill).

From a small town called Boerne, Texas, but Grant moved to New York City in 2012 where he completed his undergraduate degree and worked for over a year. Grant is unsure what type of law he wants to practice, but would like to litigate and become a force for good.

Grant’s interest in criminal justice reform began after watching NBC anchor, Matt Lauer, interview former NYPD Chief, Bernard Kerik, just days after Kerik was released from prison. Kerik’s perspective–as both a white male and a former NYPD Chief–was both unique and incredibly compelling according to Grant leading him to become a huge advocate for criminal justice reform.

Grant Figari emphasized how truly honored he is to be this year’s recipient!