Client Reviews

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Each case is different, and past results do not guarantee or predict favorable or similar results in future cases. The client reviews on this website were given by actual clients regarding the results achieved in their specific case. The reviews are presented unedited, and the names of the clients who provided them have been withheld to protect the privacy of those clients.

Great Team

“Shawn and his team are great. Provided expert counsel on the expungement process and got a result far better than could have been expected. Highly recommend.”

Best Results
“I hired Shawn and his team to help me out when I was facing false allegations of sexual assault. My case turned out amazing, and I received a not guilty verdict. Shawn was absolutely instrumental early on when I was questioned by Law Enforcement. He made sure that I didn’t self-incriminate myself and always looked out for my best interests. Once charges where brought against me, I knew that Shawn mitigated a significant amount of potential damage. During my case, he was also instrumental in making sure that my case didn’t last forever, and my right to a speedy trial was upheld. Thank you very much for Shawn and his team for ensuring my liberty. You can’t ask for a better verdict than – Not Guilty.”
Turned Stress into Ease

“Shawn took a stressful situation and made it so much easier. I was dealing with a charge while living out of state so paying for flights every week wasn’t an option. Shawn took a round-about and legal way to ensure the process was as easy as possible for me and helped me win my case. Shawn was already friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help ease the situation. I no longer live in DC, but if Shawn lived anywhere near me, he’d be on a permanent retainer, just in case, for any of my attorney/litigation needs.”

Confident and Knowledgeable

“Shawn was recommended to me and I’m glad he was. Articulate, knowledgeable and kept me confident and calm during the whole process. That’s something I have never encountered before in a lawyer and will be recommending him to others.”

Proven Winner

“My experience with Shawn was awesome. His due diligence was impeccable and consequently, everything was taken care of with no case. Thank you Mr. Sukumar and keep up the good work. I would definitely recommend Shawn to anyone who wants a proven winner.”

Straight Forward and Quick

“I don’t usually get in trouble, but I had a fake ID and was caught with it at a bar. I found the firm through a friend who knew Travis. I initially met with Shawn and it was good… everything got explained in the first meeting. I was really nervous about what was going to happen, but Shawn was pretty good about telling me how it was going to go down so I felt calmer after that meeting. I had to go to court twice and each time it was straight forward and quick.

I Needed Someone to do This Right

“I was charged in Washington, DC for smoking marijuana outside the 930 club before a concert. It was the first time being charged with possession in DC. The responding officers were ready to let me go, however a senior policeman showed up and made sure that I was arrested. I was released within a couple of hours. Because my wife has needed legal counsel in the past, I knew from her experience that I absolutely needed a good lawyer. I found the firm through NORML and had a lawyer retained very quickly. I experienced some severe back issues which complicated my case, but attorney Shawn Sukumar set me up with a terrific community service program that accommodated my physical condition. The case took several months to handle. Shawn consistently handled my calls and was very confident in handling my case. I needed someone to do this right because the custody of my son was hanging in the balance. In the end, I did my community service and the case was dismissed. I was so pleased with the firm that I will gladly use their services in future for any type of case.