DC Expungement Attorney

Many individuals who have been arrested or convicted of crimes in Washington DC find that the end of their sentence or probation does not mark the end of the impact of having a criminal record or an arrest record. As they look for jobs, try to gain admission to college or universities, seek financial loans, or even try to find housing, they are hindered by the record of their arrest or conviction. Fortunately, there is help for those haunted by their records. A Washington, DC expungement lawyer can help you successfully complete the process of having your record expunged, or sealed from public view. To discuss your eligibility and the steps involved, consult with a defense attorney in DC today.

DC Expungement Laws

Prior to 2007, the only individuals who could successfully petition for expungement of an arrest record were those whose cases were dismissed before trial. This meant that even those who were ultimately exonerated at trial had no means of expunging the arrest and criminal charge from their record. Even the innocent could be plagued by bias due to the fact that there was still a record of the arrest and criminal case. However, the Criminal Record Sealing Act of 2006 made it possible for more people to be able to have their records sealed or expunged.

Now, not only are misdemeanors and felonies eligible for expungement if the case did not result in a conviction, but certain misdemeanor convictions can be expunged as well. Not every criminal conviction is eligible for expungement, and certain expungements result in only a portion of the record being sealed. A DC expungement lawyer can help determine whether you qualify for an expungement and the extent to which you may be able to have your record expunged/sealed.

Expungement Attorney in DC

DC criminal lawyer Shawn Sukumar handles expungements for those who are vexed by the stigma of an arrest record or conviction. You should not be burdened by an arrest record in a case in which you were not convicted. You should not spend a lifetime paying for a crime for which you have already served your time. Do not let your criminal record keep you from a bright and productive future. Call DC expungement lawyer Shawn Sukumar for a realistic explanation of your options and to move forward with getting your record sealed.