DC Sex Crimes Lawyer

Accusations of illegal sexual acts are one of the most frightening accusations you can face. A DC sex crimes lawyer will work hard to help you develop a strategic defense strategy against the charges you face. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation with a criminal lawyer in DC to get started.

Importance of a DC Sex Crimes Lawyer

Every criminal defendant has a right to an attorney, and effective legal representation is absolutely vital whether you face a misdemeanor or a serious felony. When you are accused of sexual offenses, your DC sex crimes lawyer can provide many invaluable assistance. Your attorney can:

  • Negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced penalties. This may include minimizing your exposure to incarceration or a lengthy period on the sex offender registration.
  • Review the facts of your case to identify violations of your rights. Your lawyer can argue for the suppression of evidence obtained by the police through illegal searches of your personal belongings.
  • Present your case in a criminal trial. Your sex crimes attorney in DC may be able to challenge the credibility of government witnesses and hold the prosecutor to the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sex crimes cases are often vigorously prosecuted and you need a strong advocate to fight by your side.

Sex Crimes in Washington, DC

There are many different types of sex crimes in Washington DC, including sexual abuse (commonly referred to as rape), sexual abuse involving a child, and child pornography offenses. Engaging in sexual acts with people incapable of consent due to intoxication or other incapacitation is also prohibited by Washington, DC law. The age of consent is 16 in the District of Columbia, and a defendant may be charged with a crime for any sexual acts with someone underage, even if no penetration occurs.

Penalties vary depending on the type of crime you were accused of committing. The most serious penalties are imposed when a person commits a sexual act with a minor, and for non-consensual acts involving violence or threats. Acts of penetration without consent are also punished more severely than unwanted sexual touching.

Many, but not all, convictions result in mandatory sex offender registration. This includes:

  • Felony sexual assault
  • Offense involving sexual abuse or exploitation of children
  • Sexual abuse of clients, patients, or wards

Sex offender registration can limit work opportunities as well as proscribe where you can live.

How a DC Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of the crimes for which you are accused, you deserve to be treated as innocent until your guilt has been proven in a court of law. A DC sex crimes lawyer will fight hard for you and will passionately defend your freedom and your future. Call as soon as you learn about possible charges for help from an attorney with experience handling sex crime cases.