FAQs: DC Criminal Defense

Below, DC criminal lawyer Peter Odom answers some frequently asked questions about criminal charges, investigations, and defense attorneys in Washington, DC.

How do I find a criminal lawyer in DC?

You take the time to do your research. You go online, you look up people who handle the kind of case that you’re dealing with, a lawyer who has a lot of experience handling your kind of situation and someone who is reviewed highly.  You...

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How do I find the best criminal lawyer in DC for me?

Part of it is looking for someone who has experience with what you’re charged with and part of it is finding someone that you have a personal connection with, someone who you trust, and someone who you feel will represent you well. Sometimes, you can’t...

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Why shouldn’t I just hire the cheapest criminal lawyer in DC?

Well, hiring a lawyer is not that much different from hiring anyone. A lot of times, you get what you paid for. The difference is with a criminal lawyer as opposed to hiring a contractor to do work on your kitchen is that your life...

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When should I hire a lawyer during the course of a criminal investigation?

In 95% of situations, a person will need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible after they’ve been arrested. But some people might be aware that a criminal investigation is going on because they had a police officer call them saying we’re doing an...

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Once I hire you as my attorney, what’s the next step?

That depends on what stage of the process you’re in. If you’re being investigated but haven’t been arrested yet, then the next steps are to establish a plan for how you want to deal with the investigation. That could mean beginning our own investigation into...

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If I am accused of a crime, but I have not been charged or arrested, what should I do?

If you haven’t been charged or arrested, it’s still is a good idea to talk to a lawyer and discuss representation. If you’re aware that someone has claimed that you’ve committed a crime, it is fair to assume that at some point you may start...

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Why Should I Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney?

The public defenders in DC are often very good. However, when you’re making the decision whether or not to hire a private criminal defense attorney as opposed to having a public defender, the most important question is always who you feel the most comfortable with...

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Can I Get an Attorney for a Bond Hearing

Yes. You can get a lawyer for any hearing. Bond hearings determine the conditions you must comply with while your case is pending, and having the assistance of a lawyer during these hearings can help minimize the burden you face while your case is open....

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How Should I Prepare for my First Court Date?

Shawn Sukumar: Your lawyer can discuss with you, depending on what your case is, what’s important to do for your first court date. For most people charged with misdemeanors, which are lower-level crimes, the first court date is your arraignment. This is when the court...

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How Can I Know If My Case Will Go To Trial in DC?

That’s one of the most important decisions that you will have to discuss with your lawyer to decide what your best defenses are, what your investigation reveals, and how strong or how weak the prosecutor’s evidence is. All of these facts get taken into account...

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