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If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense in Washington, DC you are likely in need of sound legal counsel. Facing the possible ramifications of a criminal conviction can be terrifying. Criminal charges including DUI related charges can result in staggering legal penalties and a criminal record that can follow you for many years, if not the remainder of your life.

Your rights, your freedom, and your future are in jeopardy when you are charged with a criminal offense, therefore in order to protect yourself, you need strong legal defense. Do not leave your fate to chance. Be proactive and immediately seek legal counsel from an experienced DC criminal lawyer today.

Our Practice Areas

Criminal offenses are charged every day in the District of Columbia. Some of the most common offenses include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drug and gun possession offenses, assaults, sex crimes, and theft-related offenses such as burglary and robbery. However, our attorneys also have experience with arrest warrants, federal crimes, and a variety of other charges as well.

Criminal Defense in Washington, DC

The legal field is vast; lawyers may practice in family law, personal injury law, contract law, corporate law, tort law, or criminal law. Even within these broad fields, an attorney may choose a narrower focus in terms of which types of cases to handle within those realms. Just as you would rely on a specialist to treat a serious medical condition, you should rely on an experienced DC criminal defense attorney to handle your legal battle.

For the strongest defense or to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls those in the criminal justice system often face, find a criminal lawyer in DC who is proven to be successful in defending cases similar to your own.

An experienced attorney can take your case in stride, anticipating and preempting prosecuting maneuvers that may jeopardize your case, and conducting a thorough investigation into the facts of your case to uncover exonerating evidence or to challenge procedural missteps and illegalities on the part of the police, investigators, or prosecutors. Even if you are a witness to a crime, contact an attorney.

Benefits of Working With a DC Criminal Lawyer

There are a number of great reasons to work with a defense attorney in Washington, DC who understands the layout and procedure of criminal cases like yours.  First of all, by signing on with an experienced DC criminal lawyer, you’re making an investment in your own future by giving yourself access to a dedicated legal advocate.  Your lawyer will be able to investigate your case and bring to light evidence that might otherwise have been overlooked or under-emphasized during your court case.  In the event that your charges are fairly minor, swift action on the part of your attorney can even make it possible for the charges to be greatly reduced, or even dismissed altogether.

The bottom line is that you should seek out a DC criminal lawyer who has experience dealing with cases just like yours and who has a demonstrable track record that can be traced from client reviews and case results.  If you are interested in speaking with the DC criminal defense attorneys at our firm, you can call our law offices and complete your free initial consultation today.

Clearing a DC Criminal Record

Long after a prison sentence or probation has been served, many convicted individuals are plagued by the social and professional stigma associated with a criminal record. This record, even of a misdemeanor conviction, shows up in background checks and can hinder one’s ability to find employment, gain admission into the college or university of their choice, and even secure a financial loan.

For those have already suffered a conviction and who wish to clean up their record, a DC criminal attorney may be able to help them seal their record in a process known as expungement.

Summer Fletcher’s 4-Miler & 13K

We are excited to have sponsored the Summer Fletcher’s 4-Miler and 13k race on August 18th. The four-mile or 13K race benefited Operation Turbo, a nonprofit which sends care packages to American troops around the world.  For more information on this event, visit our Summer Fletcher’s Race page.

The Shawn Sukumar Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship

Shawn Sukumar has long held an interest in improving the justice system. As such, he is excited to offer the $500 Justice Reform Scholarship. This award will be given to one individual who shows exemplary knowledge of the criminal justice system and how it should be improved. Please visit our scholarship page for more information.

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