DC Prostitution Lawyer

Proponents of legalized prostitution claim that the act of exchanging sexual favors for money or other compensation is no more than free enterprise at work. However, prosecutors, legislators, and opponents maintain that it is a crime against public order.

Prostitution is illegal in DC and in all but one of the nation’s fifty states. Though it is often viewed as a nonviolent and victimless offense, the penalties are severe. For many people accused of prostitution in DC, perhaps the most serious consequences are the personal ramifications and social stigma associated with the charge.

To help protect your rights and your reputation, contact a discreet DC prostitution lawyer to begin building a strong defense.

Prostitution Charges in DC

DC prostitution laws define prostitution as sexual contact in exchange for a fee. Under the law, both the individual providing sexual services and the individual offering payment for sexual contact may be charged with prostitution.

In addition, solicitation of prostitution is illegal in Washington DC, meaning that even the attempt to persuade someone to engage in prostitution is a criminal act.

Prostitution Free Zones

A third DC prostitution charge is also possible under current law. In an effort to crack down on prostitution, the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department has established “Prostitution Free Zones.”

A Prostitution Free Zone may be established in an area known for a high incidence of prostitution. Individuals loitering or congregating in a Prostitution Free Zone for the purpose of engaging in solicitation, prostitution, or related activities can be issued a warning. Failure to acknowledge the warning and disperse from the area can lead to an arrest and a criminal charge separate from prostitution or solicitation and leading to a fine of $300 and up to 180 days in jail.

If you have been charged with solicitation, prostitution, or violating a Prostitution Free Zone, the personal ramifications can be even more damaging than the legal consequences of a prostitution conviction. To minimize the impact of an arrest for a prostitution-related offense, consult with a DC prostitution lawyer with the experience to successfully handle your case.

DC Prostitution Defense

A knowledgeable DC prostitution attorney has several defense options which may be tailored to the specifics of your case.

If you were arrested as part of a sting operation, your attorney may be able to demonstrate that an improperly conducted investigation led to your entrapment by law enforcement agencies. An illegal arrest or evidence of entrapment could lead to a dismissal of charges.

In other situations, your DC prostitution lawyer may suggest negotiating a plea to a lesser charge, or sentencing options such as a prostitution diversion program, which may allow you to have your charge dismissed in exchange for community service.

Call a DC Prostitution Lawyer

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