DC Federal Criminal Lawyer

A DC federal criminal lawyer can provide legal representation to anyone in the Washington, DC, area who is facing charges for a federal offense. Federal charges are usually among the most serious of all criminal charges. Thus, it is important for those who have been accused of a crime to speak with an attorney who has experience with these complex criminal cases.

The DC federal criminal attorneys at our law firm have experience representing clients charged with a wide array of alleged offenses. Call our law offices today to discuss how a criminal attorney in DC can use their experience and knowledge of the DC federal courts to defend you.

Federal Charges in DC

Our DC federal criminal lawyers have experience handling a wide variety of federal cases for clients in Washington, DC. We commonly assist individuals facing charges that include but are not limited to:

Even before you are charged with a federal crime in Washington, the U.S. Attorney’s Office may reach out and inform you that you are under investigation and their intent to seek an indictment against you from a grand jury. If you receive such notice, it is essential to contact a federal criminal lawyer immediately to discuss your options and prepare your defense.

Need for a DC Federal Criminal Lawyer

When accused of breaking the law in Washington, DC, you will most likely find yourself facing a local prosecutor and fighting charges found in the DC criminal code. The federal government is more limited in its powers, and there are fewer federal criminal laws than on the local level. Because the federal government becomes involved in crimes affecting interstate commerce or national security, federal charges often carry more lengthy penalties. In addition, the stakes are higher as you defend yourself against serious charges.

A DC federal criminal lawyer can help you with addressing the accusations made against you. Your attorney can explain the federal grand jury process, help you respond if you are indicted, and assist you in determining how you should proceed. Your lawyer can also assist you in formulating a response to the accusations against you, whether this involves plea negotiations to reduce penalties or trial.

There are detailed procedural rules for navigating the complicated federal criminal system. Speak with a DC federal criminal attorney to help you deal with the courts and with the U.S. Attorney assigned to your case.

Contact a DC Federal Criminal Lawyer for Help Today

A federal criminal lawyer practicing in the DC area can help you begin responding to an investigation or plan a defense for charges. Call today to start fighting the accusations against you.

Announcing: Peter Odom Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship

WDCWe are happy to announce the inaugural Peter Odom Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship. In his years as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Odom has come to realize that clients often seek out an attorney when they are scared and unsure of what to do next. As such, he strongly believes that a defense attorney’s job is to assuage clients’ fears and work to help them resolve their complicated legal issues. Often times, individuals come to him because they immensely regret a split-second decision. Part of what Mr. Odom takes so seriously about his job is his duty to clients, and he does not believe that one mistake should have the ability to dictate the rest of a person’s life. To show his continual support and dedication to helping individuals with second chances, Mr. Odom is proud to launch his first scholarship campaign.

This scholarship is open to any student pursuing a post-secondary education at an accredited US educational institute at the time they submit their application. Students interested in the scholarship should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in addition to a few more requirements detailed on the official scholarship page.