Building a Defense Against DC Drug Charges

Following a drug arrest, it is imperative that individuals consider consulting a capable drug lawyer. It can be difficult to handle a drug arrest alone and a skilled attorney could help by building a defense against DC drug charges that you may face. If you have been charged with a drug offense, speak with an experienced legal advocate that could fight for you.

Different Drug Charges

There are a number of different drug-related charges in D.C. They can range from a misdemeanor (simple possession of a drug, such as possession of cocaine for one’s own personal use) all the way up to a more serious felony level drug charge (such as drug distribution, possession with intent to distribute while armed, et cetera). These higher-level felony drug charges can be extremely problematic for a person’s life and can result in significant prison time, lengthy parole periods, felony criminal records, and in general, can leave a person scarred for life. Even misdemeanor drug charges come with their own consequences and complications. That is why it is important to be proactive and begin building a defense against DC drug charges.

Consequences of Drug Charges

Misdemeanor criminal charges, such as drug possession, can also potentially result in a person facing jail time or a permanent criminal record which could result in the loss of a person’s job or loss of custody over a child, and sometimes it can result in a person’s security clearance being revoked in the event that they work for the government or work for a government contractor. Some misdemeanor drug charges can result in a person losing their driving privileges, which can be especially problematic for people who have a commercial’s driver’s license, people who drive for their jobs, need to drive their family around, or take care of other people through the use of their car.

Any kind of drug charge can result in serious consequences for a person’s life. It is important not to underestimate any drug offense, regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. It is important to contact an attorney who has the background in defending drug charges and is familiar with the D.C. Court Rules and Procedures, the prosecutors, and the judges who handle these kinds of cases and can give a person the best possible chance of getting a good result.

How an Attorney Could Help Build a Defense

Attorneys who understand D.C. rules, court procedures, and Constitutional issues around searches and traffic stops, can help a person challenge any evidence that may be used against them, investigate the evidence that the prosecutor plans on using, and aggressively approach the case to try and get them a dismissal of their charges, a reduction of their charges, or the most lenient sentence possible to minimize the penalties that they might be facing.

Having an attorney with that background and that understanding of D.C. drug cases can make a difference between a person having a permanent record and having a dismissal; facing a lengthy prison sentence and being placed on probation as opposed to going to jail.

When a person has their first meeting with the attorney, they should ask:

  • what they think can be done in the person’s case
  • what the person should expect on their first court date or subsequent court dates, and
  • what are some investigation tactics that they might be able to pursue to try and find witnesses who can help contradict the government’s evidence

These are all important things to discuss if a person is facing this kind of charge and they are reaching out to attorneys in order to begin building a defense against DC drug charges.

The Benefit of an Experienced DC Drug Attorney

Many people who are facing criminal charges in D.C. are surprised by how complicated D.C. criminal procedures can be. Some people, for example, may have a background with criminal cases in other states such as Maryland and expect criminal cases to be resolved through a single court appearance or through minimal effort by defense attorneys. In D.C. there are a number of court appearances that they have to attend, even in a misdemeanor criminal case, and the confusing and cumbersome procedures in D.C. can be complicated, even for attorneys who have a lengthy amount of experience in other states, who may find themselves somewhat at a loss when trying to navigate through the D.C. criminal procedure.

Having an attorney with a background in D.C. criminal law, who frequently handles drug charges in D.C. Superior Court, is absolutely essential. The procedures and laws, prosecutors and judges, are different from state-to-state.  Even an experienced criminal defense attorney, who has a background mostly in Maryland, Virginia, or some other state, may not have the requisite background in D.C. law to be able to fully explore the person’s options, and use D.C. procedure to the person’s greatest advantage. It would be prudent for a person who is looking for an attorney to represent them in a drug-related case in the D.C. Superior Court, to find an attorney with experience in the D.C. courts defending drug charges. Only an attorney with that kind of background is going to be able to make the best use of D.C. rules procedures to protect someone’s interests. If an individual needs help building a defense against DC drug charges, they should speak with a capable drug lawyer that could fight for them.