DC Commercial Drivers License DUI Lawyer

When a person has a commercial drivers’ license, they are held to a much higher standard than someone with a regular driver’s licenses. This means that a person who has a commercial drivers’ license and is convicted of driving under the influence can potentially lose their commercial drivers’ license permanently as a result of their DUI.

Just like a normal DUI, the DC superior court has no ability to suspend a person’s commercial drivers’ license or withdraw a person’s commercial drivers’ license. The only entity that has the ability to take action on a person’s drivers’ license whether it is a commercial drivers’ license or a non-commercial drivers’ license is the DC DMV. In the event that a person has a non-DC commercial drivers’ license, then the status of their license will be determined by their home state DMV.

Do Restricted CDL DUI Licenses Exist in DC?

The DC DMV, which controls license suspensions and license restrictions in the District, does not grant restrictive licenses to anyone who has revoked license or suspended license as a result of a DUI, regardless of whether a person has a commercial license.

Long Term Implications of License Suspension

The most significant implication is that a CDL holder does not simply need a drivers’ license to drive to and from their job, they need their drivers’ license for the job itself. Thus, their drivers’ license is essential to maintain their job and continue working.

The most immediate long-term implication is in the event that a person’s CDL is suspended under the mandatory license suspension laws in DC, and that costs a person their livelihood. In the event that a person is convicted of a second or subsequent DUI then the suspension period could be even longer.

A person who is convicted of a DUI for the second time can receive a mandatory two year license suspension. For a CDL holder this is two years without the ability to perform an essential job. It is very important to talk with your defense attorney in the event that you have a commercial drivers’ license to discuss the possible ways that give you the highest chance of being able to maintain your job and maintain your commercial drivers’ license if you are charged with a DUI.

How a DC CDL DUI Lawyer Can Help

The most important thing that a defense attorney can do to help a commercial drivers’ license holder keep their job and keep their commercial drivers’ license is find the best way to defend against the charges.

Due to the higher standard that those with a CDL are held to and because this makes them ineligible for more favorable negotiated treatments, this gives the defense attorney a greater obligation to look for any possible defenses and any possible gaps in the prosecutor’s case. This may include any possible challenges to the person’s breath score, field sobriety tests, and other evidence that would help the prosecutor in their case.

What Commercial Driver’s License Holders Need to Know about DUI Cases in DC

A person who holds a commercial driver’s license, which is a driver’s license that permits the person to operate certain commercial vehicles like large vans and eighteen-wheelers, is held to a much higher standard than someone who holds a standard driver’s license.

This is especially true when a CDL holder is charged with driving under the influence (DUI) because that charge can lead to more significant penalties compared to a person with a regular license. Even if you are charged with driving under the influence while driving a non-commercial vehicle, a CDL holder can still face significant penalties to their ability to continue driving a commercial vehicle or apply for a CDL in the future.

How an Attorney Can Help CDL Holders Continue to Work

The most important thing that a defense attorney can do to help a CDL holder from having their CDL withdrawn is to help them avoid being convicted of the crime by preparing an aggressive defense. In the event that a person was driving their personal vehicle when charged with driving under the influence (DUI), then avoiding conviction can help them avoid a withdrawal of their commercial driver’s license.