DC DUI DMV Attorney

Facing DWI, DUI or OWI charges in the District typically involve serious repercussions from the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This is because DC authorities take these charges seriously, and there are a number of negative consequences that can befall anyone who is charged or convicted of these offenses. Often, your DC DUI DMV lawyer can represent you regarding any criminal proceedings and protect against administrative penalties. A DWI, DUI or OWI conviction can leave you with a criminal record and result in the loss of a job or exclusion from the job application process. It can impact your ability to qualify for certain security clearance titles which will affect your career.

For those not yet established in the professional realm, such convictions can lead to suspension or expulsion from university and the loss of scholarships as well as housing assistance and other benefits. Given these risks, it is crucial you contact a dedicated DC DMV attorney who has a strong track record defending these cases and who has good working relationships with the authorities who will oversee your case.

What is the Connection between DUI Offenses and the DC DMV?

After being charged with driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, or operating while impaired in the District, they will most likely face prosecution by the Office of the Attorney General. In addition, the DMV will immediately start proceedings to suspend their driving privileges. Once charged, they face a potential automatic suspension of their driving privileges in DC unless they request a formal suspension hearing from the DMV.

Requesting a DMV Hearing in DC

If someone is a DC resident, they must request a suspension hearing within ten days at the DMV to avoid immediately losing their driving privileges. If they are a not a resident of the District of Columbia, they have fifteen days to request this hearing. When they schedule a hearing, they halt the automatic suspension process. However, their license will continue to be suspended (or revoked) if they fail to request a hearing, the officer who arrested them appears at their license hearing and provides the DMV with clear and convincing evidence that they drove under the influence or they are found guilty in their criminal case.

It is important to note that the DMV may impose sanctions even if they are found not guilty in a criminal court case. The penalties handed down by the DVM and by a criminal court judge may seem similar, but they are separate and distinct.

What are the Penalties For Out of State Drivers?

DC has an out-of-state Driver’s License Compact Agreement. This means that DC DUI convictions may be reported to their home state, which may take action to suspend their license or to impose other sanctions. Therefore, it is imperative that they contact a DC DMV lawyer who can walk them through this complicated process and who will fight to maintain their driving privileges.

Changing Laws

DUI laws and evidentiary procedures are continually amended in the District of Columbia and all US states. This is typically geared toward making the penalties for a drunk driving conviction more severe. People should no wait for their first court date, or for a subpoena or summons to come in the mail before contacting an attorney. The minute they are placed under arrest for drunk driving, they should respectfully request to speak with a DC DUI attorney.

Contacting a DUI Attorney

The DUI attorneys at our firm can explore every possible defense angle while working to protect your rights and reputation. Options include negotiating with prosecutors ahead of time to see if enrollment in an alcohol diversion program can offset any potential jail time. If those initial negotiations are unsuccessful, they will aggressively investigate and work to undermine the case against you. This includes using the DMV hearing process to try and impeach any harmful government witness testimony and to confront evidence offered by those involved in your arrest and investigation.