DC DWI Lawyer

DWI stands for driving while intoxicated, as opposed to DUI which stands for driving under the influence. Prosecutors no longer charge DWI as a stand-alone independent charge. Instead, they charge driving under the influence and use DWI as a method to prove that a person was under the influence at the time they were driving their vehicle.

Therefore, if you are facing this kind of criminal charge in the District of Columbia, contact a local, experienced DC driving while intoxicated lawyer to learn more about what you can expect from your case and how an attorney can help. A DUI attorney in DC is available to review the facts of your case and help you understand the potential repercussions based on your current situation.

Advantages of Hiring a DC DWI Attorney

An attorney with extensive DC litigation experience is important because DWIs in Washington, DC are very different from DWIs in other jurisdictions. Every jurisdiction has its own set of policies, laws, and procedures that can make a situation more complicated for an attorney who is not intimately familiar with that jurisdiction’s laws, court procedures, and prosecutors.

A DWI attorney in DC is more aware of what prosecutors in Washington DC are looking for when they try and convict someone. In addition, they are more capable of looking for procedural arguments that can help a Washington, DC defendant challenge evidence against them.

A DC driving while intoxicated lawyer is also more familiar with the judicial practices in Washington, DC and the judicial procedures for these cases. Knowing the court procedure is one of the most important ways that a DC lawyer can help a client in the most efficient and effective way during the process.

Initial Factors a DC DWI Lawyer Examines

In DWI cases, a DC driving while intoxicated lawyer always wants to first look at the alcohol content level of a person’s breath, blood or urine, and whether there are any possible ways to challenge that evidence. This is especially important when there is a toxicology result that could cause a person to receive mandatory jail time because of very high alcohol content.

If a person’s alcohol content is above the level that would require mandatory jail time, even on a first offense, then challenging the constitutional basis for the stop or determining whether there is any legal basis to suppress the results of any toxicological test is all the more important.

In a situation where there is a toxicology result, then this is a higher hurdle that a DC DWI defense attorney, will need to overcome because this evidence alone can be enough to convict a person.

How a Driving While Intoxicated Attorney Can Help You

If you are currently facing driving while intoxicated charges in Washington, DC, it is important you consult with a DC DWI lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help with various aspects of the case including advocating for you in court and preparing a defense for your specific case. To learn more about what a DC DWI lawyer can do

An attorney who is knowledgeable about Washington, DC’s specific policies and procedures as well as has a background in challenging breath and urine scores can be extremely beneficial. Not only will they understand the DC rules for how a prosecutor would need to go about proving these cases, but also understand the approach prosecutors normally take when arguing these cases in front of a court. When facing DWI charges, you want an attorney who can help protect your rights. Contact our firm today to schedule your initial consultation.