Our Approach to Third DUIs in DC

Third DUIs are prosecuted very seriously and are heard in the Attorney General’s office in the District of Columbia. Because getting subsequent DUIs pose as a significant treat to the community, prosecutors and judges tend to seek higher penalties, sometimes even more than the minimum level of penalty. It is the job of a DC third DUI lawyer to defend for his client’s rights and aggressively fight for the case on his client’s favor.

Because of the significantly higher penalties that defendants face for third offense DUIs, it’s important to look very, very closely at any possible challenges to the following factors:

  • The initial stop of a suspect
  • The manner in which police officers conduct their investigation
  • The manner in which they conduct any field sobriety testing
  • The way that police officers gather any toxicology evidence such as a urine sample or a breath sample

Looking very closely through any possible evidence is absolutely essential in a third offense DUI because of the severe possible penalties that a person would face upon conviction.

Defense Strategies in 3rd DUI Cases

When we defend in a third time DUI, we always want to keep in mind the very severe penalties that a person would face, including the significantly higher possible jail time in the event of a conviction.

In a first time DUI, we don’t face that high risk of significant periods of jail time because first time DUIs are not treated quite as severely by either courts or prosecutors, relative to a subsequent DUI charge. That means that we need to be even more diligent and even more aggressive in finding any possible challenge but also considering the risks in attempting an unsuccessful strategy.

What to Look For In A Third DUI Defense Attorney

When researching a lawyer to represent you in a third offense DUI case, the most important thing to look for is extensive local experience in DC Superior Court and in specifically handling repeat offender DUI cases. The procedures and the possible challenges in DUIs are very different than they are in other types of DC criminal cases.

Knowledge of the best way to handle and challenge evidence in a DUI case is the most important thing that a person can look for. Having extensive experience dealing with the DC Attorney General’s Office, being in front of the DC judges and understanding the most recent laws relating to DC DUIs can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful challenge to your case.