DC Robbery Arrest Process

If you are questioning whether or not your robbery arrest was lawfully conducted, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional defense attorney as soon as possible to help secure your rights. A lawyer experienced in the DC robbery arrest process could determine whether or not law enforcement conducted their arrest properly and could fight against your charges if their behaviors were inappropriate. Read on to learn more about the DC robbery arrest process, as well as the ways a skilled attorney could offer you their assistance.

Arrests on the Scene

In many situations, individuals suspected of robbery are arrested at the scene of the alleged crime. For example, if someone is accused of snatching a purse and the police are on scene at the time, they have the ability to make an arrest at the scene shortly after an alleged crime was committed. If someone is arrested at or around the time of an alleged offense, the police do not need an arrest warrant. When the police conduct an on-scene investigation and locate the alleged suspect, they can make that arrest. That begins the process of prosecutors bringing criminal charges.

When Do the Police Need a Warrant?

In the event that the police do not make an on-scene arrest and a certain period of time elapses, the police cannot go to an individual’s home after a crime is alleged to have been committed and make an arrest. In those situations, police must obtain an arrest warrant first. The police need to conduct an investigation and put together information in an affidavit in support of an arrest warrant.

Those affidavits are not on public record. They are considered sealed, private documents that are part of an investigation. The affidavit in support of an arrest warrant must be submitted to a judge. When the judge finds that the affidavit provides probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and that a specific suspect committed the crime, the judge can issue an arrest warrant. In a robbery case, that arrest warrant enables police to arrest the suspect. Reach out to a professional defense lawyer to learn more.

What to Expect Following the DC Robbery Arrest Process

When someone is arrested in Washington, DC by the Metropolitan Police Department, they are booked, processed, and brought before a judge to determine whether they can be released while their case is pending. Once the accused individual appears in court, they should have an attorney present. When someone has no representation, the court provides them with an attorney at their initial presentment hearing to make arguments for their release.

Once the police arrest someone on the warrant, prosecutors continue the investigation. They may add additional evidence and present it before a grand jury as it is obtained. In other situations, prosecutors may complete a full investigation, present their case before a grand jury, obtain a grand jury indictment, and then arrest the suspect on the allegation. However, those situations are rare.

The Importance of a Skilled Defense Attorney

Police do not always wait to fully complete an investigation before making an arrest. That means the police do not always get all the evidence they need to convict someone before they arrest them on a robbery allegation. In many situations, police begin an investigation and obtain only the minimum of what they need just to get an arrest warrant, which is a much lower standard than it takes to convict someone.

It is more likely that police make an arrest and the investigation and prosecution happen at the same time. That means new information may be presented and disclosed in the defense as the case proceeds. It is most important for defense attorneys to conduct their own investigation because they cannot rely on prosecutors and police to provide them with everything they need to know about the case. Professional defense lawyers can conduct investigations, locate information, track down witnesses, and use that information to the defendant’s advantage before the information is discovered by the prosecutors. Reach out to a dedicated criminal defense attorney experienced in the DC robbery arrest process today to schedule your consultation.