DC Speeding Ticket Lawyer

While paying a speeding ticket may seem like the easiest option when you are cited, this is an admission of wrongdoing with possible consequences for your insurance and driving record. Before you admit you broke the law by driving too fast, contact a DC speeding ticket lawyer to explore options for avoiding fines and other penalties.

If you have been cited for speeding in DC, a skilled traffic lawyer may be able to help you fight your charge and keep your record clean.

Speeding Laws

DC has many speed cameras and police officers monitoring DC’s roads for traffic violations, and ticket writing in DC brings in a great deal of revenue each year. Within DC, the maximum speed on all city streets is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise designated. In alleys and in streets adjacent to school grounds, the maximum speed limit may be as low as 15 MPH. Going even a few miles over the limit can result in a citation, and it is even possible to be cited when traveling below the speed limit if they are going too fast for road conditions.

Receiving a ticket can result in three demerit points on a driver’s license for going 11-15 MPH above the posted limit or four points on a license for going 16-20 MPH faster than permitted. Going 21 MPH or more above the limit is a five point offense. A driver who accumulates a total of 10 to 11 points will lose his driving privileges for 90 days.

Points can raise insurance costs and preclude employment in jobs requiring a clean driving record. The added expense from higher insurance is in addition to any fines and points for the initial ticket, meaning just one ticket can cost them for a long time to come.

Role of an Attorney

Whether someone can fight a ticket or not is going to depend on the circumstances of their particular case. Many people have been able to successfully challenge citations issued after getting a ticket from a law enforcement officer or from a speed camera. A DC speeding ticket attorney can help them question the officer’s evidence, or challenge the reliability of any devices they may have used to calculate their speed. There are many ways to fight the ticket, but they need to decide on the best approach in their particular case.

A speeding ticket lawyer in DC will help their client to determine if they have options for defenses and will help them to put together the strongest arguments possible to challenge a ticket. Their lawyer can also help them to explore options to avoid or minimize points on their license.

Contacting an Attorney

A DC speeding ticket lawyer will be there with you every step of the way as you fight a citation or try to reduce the consequences of your speeding infraction. Contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible for legal help from someone who will stand up for your rights and try to keep your driving record clean.