What Is The DC Diversion Program?

Diversion is a negotiated resolution that your defense lawyer can work out with a prosecutor that will allow you to get your charges dismissed in exchange for you, the defendant, complying with certain conditions. Those conditions typically include community service, but there are different kinds of diversion programs that have different conditions.

In the example of deferred sentencing or deferred prosecution, those are diversion programs that result in your charges being dropped completely in exchange for the completion of community service, anger management classes, and payment of fines. Sometimes, it includes a requirement that a person pay restitution to compensate a victim for any financial loss, but if you comply with all those conditions, whatever the conditions might be, then your charges can be dismissed.

There are other kinds of diversion programs that also results in dismissal of the charges, but are for specific circumstances. For example, DC had a drug court diversion program where if a person complies with regular drug testing and drug treatment classes, then over a course of several months, if the person finishes that program, the charges can be dropped.

If a person has a specific mental health needs that require psychiatric treatment or counselling, then there can be a mental health diversion program where if a personĀ  follows through inĀ  all those treatments, then the end result could be the dismissal of your charges.