Biggest Mistakes To Avoid in a DC Criminal Case

Due to the fact that many people charged with criminal offenses aren’t familiar with the criminal justice system and the way it operates, mistakes can be made. These mistakes can include everything from not consulting with legal representation immediately to openly incriminating yourself by answering police questions. With this in mind, the following are some of the most commonly seen mistakes according to a criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC.

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Two Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake a person can make in a criminal case is talking to police or other law enforcement officers before consulting with a lawyer.  Police officers want nothing more than for you to waive your rights and voluntarily answer their question, but a person being questioned could irrevocably incriminate themselves during that kind of questioning whether or not they believe they’ve done anything wrong. Speaking to a lawyer before subjecting yourself to police questioning does not make you guilty and is always the smart thing to do.

Second, when charged with a crime in DC, some people make the mistake of hiring lawyers who do not have specific experience with criminal cases in DC superior court.  Sometimes people will go with a family friend or an attorney whose offices are nearby their house but handles mostly estate planning. It may be cheaper but you end up paying for it later on.  So the only way you can understand the real ramifications of your situation is having a lawyer with detailed knowledge of DC criminal procedure and your specific kind of case so that you actually understand the best way to deal with your defense.

How to Avoid These Mistakes

Before answering any questions at any point from the police let them know that you want to talk to a lawyer first.  That doesn’t mean that you are guilty, it doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong, it doesn’t mean that you have something to hide; it just means that you want to protect yourself and that’s always a good idea. Second, do your research before hiring a lawyer.  Find out who handles cases in your court, find out who handles your specific kind of charge, then go online, call around, do consults with various lawyers and find out who best fits your situation.

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