Contacting a DC Cocaine Offenses Lawyer

If you were arrested on a cocaine offense, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, it is important to contact a DC cocaine offense lawyer who can help guide you through the process and protect your rights.

An attorney well-versed in cocaine offenses can help fight the charges you are facing both in and out of court. With their help, you may be able to reach a more positive outcome.

Why It Is Important to Contact an Attorney

When someone is found with cocaine in Washington, DC, it is important that they get the help of an attorney who can help them in court and work towards the best outcome possible for their case. A misdemeanor cocaine possession case could have serious consequences for a person even if they have no criminal history. Even a misdemeanor charge could result in jail time, a criminal conviction on one’s record, and serious consequences to their life, job, family, and driver’s license. When someone is charged with possession of a small amount of cocaine for the first time, an attorney can talk to them about the possible ways to keep their record clean, evade jail time, and avoid having any kind of criminal conviction on their record.

When someone is accused of possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute it, an attorney can discuss their constitutional rights and whether the police may have violated any of those rights when they searched or questioned them. When a person is charged with selling cocaine, an attorney can talk to them about having minimized jail time exposure or other options available to mitigate their penalties. Regardless of their situation, an attorney is able to help them.

When To Call A Lawyer

When an individual is arrested for allegations of cocaine possession, they should tell the police they want to talk to a lawyer. The police may not let the person talk to a lawyer at the time, but once they tell the police they want to speak with a lawyer before doing anything else, they have asserted their constitutional rights. The police do not have to tell them what their rights are in some situations, so it is important for everyone to know they have the right to decline to answer questions, refuse searches, and request the presence of a lawyer.

Once a person asks for a lawyer, the police may give them the opportunity to make a phone call or contact a lawyer. At the earliest available opportunity, a person should have a family member contact a lawyer for them or they should contact a lawyer as soon as they are released from custody.

How to Choose a Representation in Cocaine Offenses

Finding an attorney who can help an individual with their case is important. Many lawyers in Washington, DC are experienced and have a thorough understanding of the DC court system. Therefore, it is important that a person speak with different lawyers about their background and asks them about their specific case to find a lawyer who is the best fit. The important questions to ask an attorney are:

  • How much experience do they have dealing with a specific kind of case?
  • What kind of defenses might be available?
  • What kind of penalties could someone be facing?
  • What can the attorney do to help?

If a lawyer cannot provide the individual with answers to these questions or convince them they will keep their best legal interest in mind; that attorney may not be the right one for them.

Contacting a DC Cocaine Offenses Attorney is Crucial

If you were arrested on cocaine charges, you should immediately ask to speak to an attorney. The sooner you contact a DC cocaine offenses attorney, the sooner they can get to work protecting your rights. For the help you need, call today for a consultation.