Washington DC Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug offenses are some of the most commonly heard criminal cases in Washington DC. With the exception of small amounts of marijuana for people over the age of 21, it is illegal for any person to possess any controlled substance.

Even more serious are allegations that a defendant has manufactured, distributed, or possessed with the intent to distribute illegal drugs. Collectively known as drug trafficking, these allegations can result in some of the most serious penalties available under Washington DC law after a conviction.

Because of this, it is essential that defendants who are facing any type of allegation involving the distribution of drugs take steps to protect themselves. Working with a Washington DC drug trafficking lawyer could provide this valuable protection. Attorneys work to conduct their own investigation into the incident, to examine the legality of the police work that led to the arrest, and to present powerful defenses to juries.

Washington DC’s Laws Concerning Drug Trafficking

The term drug trafficking does not appear in Washington DC’s criminal code. Instead, the actions of manufacturing, distributing, or possessing illegal drugs with the intent to sell them are criminalized in DC Code §48-904.01. This statute treats allegations of distributing drugs differently depending upon the type of drug in question.

For example, the most severe penalties are reserved for defendants convicted of distributing narcotics. This can include heroin, cocaine, or crack. A conviction here can carry a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and the payment of heavy fines.

Convictions for distributing other non-narcotic drugs, such as hallucinogens or prescription medications, are still felonies. However, in this case, the maximum penalty is up to five years in prison.

Finally, it is important to note that it is no longer illegal under Washington DC’s laws to transfer less than an ounce of marijuana to another person over the age of 21 if no exchange of money takes place. No matter the exact circumstances that led to an arrest for drug trafficking, a Washington DC drug trafficking lawyer may be able to help.

Nuances in Washington DC Drug Trafficking Cases

Drug trafficking cases can be notoriously complex. Not only does the prosecutor need to prove that the drug in question was actually illegal, but they must also prove that the defendant was distributing it to other people. In most cases, the defendant is never caught selling the items. Instead, cases can often rely on circumstantial evidence and confidential informants to prove the case.

This provides defense attorneys with many available routes to attack the prosecutor’s case. If the investigation relied upon a search warrant to gather evidence of the alleged crime, an attorney could argue that the warrant should not have been issued under Washington DC law. An attorney may also be able to question the scientific methods used to identify the supposed drugs.

Lastly, many defendants are arrested and charged with only an intent to distribute. This means that the prosecutor is asking a jury to infer that the defendant intended to sell drugs based on evidence gathered in an investigation. An attorney could work to discredit this theory by providing an alternative explanation for why a defendant had these items in their possession.

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Allegations involving the illegal distribution of drugs in Washington DC are among the most serious charges that an individual can face. Depending upon the type of drug in question, a conviction can result in up to 30 years imprisonment. The stakes could not be higher.

A Washington DC drug trafficking lawyer could help to protect the rights of their clients in court. From an initial arrest, through pre-trial motions, to a final trial, attorneys are dedicated to protecting Constitutional rights and presenting a powerful defense to juries. Contact an attorney today to see if they could provide this essential advantage.