Role of an Attorney in Lessening DC Drug Penalties

The tactics a lawyer may use to lessen the penalties for a drug charge depend on the type of charge. This is why it is essential for someone facing a drug charge to contact an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you obtain legal counsel, the sooner they can look for ways to mitigate your charges. To learn more about the role of an attorney in lessening DC drug penalties, call today to schedule a consultation.

Division Agreements

Negotiating Diversion Agreements is a major part of lessening drug penalties in DC. Diversion Agreements are negotiated resolutions reached between the defense and the government in which a person typically completes community service in exchange for having their charges dismissed. These kinds of Diversion Agreements are usually possible for defendants facing misdemeanor drug possession charges and who have a relatively minimal criminal history. The exact circumstances of the Diversion Agreements depend on a case-by-case basis.

Defendants with Drug Addictions

For a defendant with serious problems like drug addiction or prior drug possession charges, there may be options to have the defendant’s case heard in drug court. An individual having their case heard in drug court may have a dismissal of their charges in exchange for drug treatment, counseling programs, and randomized drug screening over a long period of time. Completion of these courses would result in a dismissal of the person’s charges.

Arguing Incarceration Would be Harmful

People facing a felony-level drug charge should obtain an accomplished defense attorney who could argue to the judge that incarceration would be harmful than helpful. This may mean the defendant could need assistance in gaining more steady employment so they do not have to rely on drug distribution to support themselves or their family.

In situations where the person is selling drugs purely to support their own addiction, drug treatment compared to incarceration may be a better idea because incarceration would not help the addiction. Prison will not help the individual gain employment or serve their family. To help the defendant avoid harsh penalties, their lawyer needs to understand the person’s situation, family, employment history, and potential future employment prospects to argue against incarceration.

Contact a DC Drug Attorney for Help Lessening Penalties

The role of an attorney in lessening DC drug penalties is essential, which is why someone arrested needs to speak with a lawyer as soon as they can. A DC drug case is most likely going to be in the DC Superior Court and the defendant needs to find an attorney with experience in that type of court. They should check online to look for what they need in a lawyer. But before hiring the lawyer, the defendant needs to speak directly with them. The attorney could review the person’s case and then tell the defendant how they could help. Having a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney is crucial to getting your drug charges mitigated. Call today to schedule a consultation and see how a lawyer could help your situation.