Appearing For a DC DUI Arraignment

If facing charges of driving under the influence in Washington, DC, you will be required to attend arraignment where the charges against you will be presented and you will enter an initial plea. Below, a DC DUI arraignment lawyer discusses what you need to know before stepping foot in court including where it will likely take place and whether you are required to show up.

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How Long After An Arrest Do You Go To Arraignment?

In nearly all DC DUIs, after arrest a person would not be detained pending their court hearing.  In nearly all DUIs, a person will be automatically released from the police station and given a citation to appear in court for an arraignment hearing about 3 to 4 weeks later. However, in some specific situations, a person might actually be detained by the police and then brought before a magistrate judge at the next available opportunity. Typically, that next available opportunity is the following day.

The only situation in which a person who is arrested for a driving under the influence charge might not be released from the police station and given a citation is if that person has another pending criminal matter.

Where Do DUI Arraignments in DC Take Place?

In DC DUI cases, all arraignments happen at the DC Superior Court, which is at 500 Indiana Avenue, Northwest in Washington, DC. Defendants should check the citation to appear in court that they received upon their release from police custody to find out the date, time and courtroom number in which they are expected to appear.

Is Appearing At a DUI Arraignment Required?

Every person is required to appear in court for their DUI arraignment. Even if a person has hired a lawyer prior to the arraignment date, that person is still required to appear at the arraignment date with their lawyer. Not doing so would result in the arraignment judge issuing a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

What Are The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid From a DUI Arraignment?

One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make prior to their arraignment is underestimating the seriousness of their criminal charge. Arraignments are a simple but crucial first step in any criminal case, and if a person has the ability to hire a lawyer prior to their arraignment hearing, they should absolutely consider doing so.

Most people who are arrested for DUIs are in fact charged with a DUI and fully prosecuted on that charge. Therefore, you should immediately begin the process of researching lawyers who can be present with you at arraignment and begin the process of representing you without delay.