DC DUI Jail Penalties

If you have been accused of driving while under the influence in the District of Columbia, you may need more information on the consequences of conviction. If you are interested in creating a strong defense for the DC DUI jail penalties you are facing, contact an established drunk driving attorney.

Maximum Penalties for First Offenders

A person who is convicted for a first offense driving under the influence charge and first offense means either first offense in DC or in any other location. That person would face a maximum jail penalty of up to 180 days in jail. That does not necessarily mean that a person is convicted of driving under the influence. However, people very rarely get the maximum penalty on a first offense DUI case. However, someone who has been charged with a first offense DUI would not face any mandatory jail time, meaning that a person could receive no jail time and get probation instead for example.

If a person provides a breath test and the result of that breath is 0.20 or higher, they have a higher risk of conviction with the associated DC DUI jail penalties. If a person provides a urine sample and their urine alcohol content is above a 0.25 then that person in that situation will be facing a mandatory minimum ten days of jail time if they are convicted in their case. The maximum penalties for first offense DUIs do not change based on the breath or urine test results.

Understanding Eligibility for Jail Time

Another situation in which a first offense DUI could be eligible for mandatory jail time if the person provides a sample of urine or blood and the result of that test reveal the presence of either a Schedule I drug or certain types of particularly dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine or PCP.

In those situations, if a person is convicted and their urine or blood sample shows the presence of dangerous drugs then that person will be eligible for a mandatory minimum 15 days of jail time. If someone is facing a second offense driving under the influence charge, the sentencing for DC DUI jail penalties could potentially increase up to one year of possible jail time.

Expectations for Multiple DUI Offenses

Prosecutors could combine prior DUI offenses with high breath scores or urine test results in order to further increase the possible mandatory jail that a person faces. There are many other factors that can affect whether a person is facing any mandatory jail time enhancement or increases the maximum DC DUI jail penalties.  DUI rules on mandatory jail time are very different from Virginia laws and from Maryland laws especially as it relates to possible jail time. It is important for anyone facing a DUI charge to discuss those issues with an attorney who has experienced with DC DUI laws then these rules can change drastically from jurisdiction to jurisdictions.