Role of An Attorney in Bench Warrant Cases

If you have missed a court date and think there may be a warrant out for your arrest, you may want to consider hiring legal representation. Below, DC failure to appear lawyer Peter Odom discusses the role of a lawyer in bench warrant cases and why consulting with legal counsel is a good idea. To learn more, call today and schedule a consultation to discuss your best course of action.

What is The Role Of An Attorney in Bench Warrant Cases?

The attorney’s most important role when you first have a Bench Warrant issued for your arrest is to quash the Bench Warrant so you don’t have to risk getting arrested or having cops show up at your house or job. Even though a Bench Warrant may be quashed, that doesn’t resolve the entirety of your case, so after an attorney takes care of your Bench Warrant it is still his responsibility to represent you for the remainder of your case and resolve your pending criminal charge.

As A Lawyer, How Do You Handle Bench Warrants?

When I have a client who has a Bench Warrant due to a missed court appearance, the first thing I do is schedule a time for a walk-in Bench Warrant return. This is when I arranged an appearance with my client before the judge who issued the Bench Warrant to explain why the warrant should be removed, or what they call “quashed.” So I can provide an explanation for why my client didn’t appear and attempt to persuade the judge that my client should remain released while the case is pending.

What Can An Attorney Do For An Individual With a Bench Warrant?

The first thing that an attorney can do is talk with the defendant about the circumstances that led up to him missing his hearing and gather together helpful documentations that can be presented to the judge. The goal that the lawyer is trying to reach is persuading the judge to not hold that defendant in jail while the case is pending. Arranging all of the appearances and working things out with the judge is the first and most important step in dealing with an outstanding Bench Warrant.

Why Do Clients Choose To Work With You In Failure To Appear Cases?

I deal with these situations pretty frequently and one thing that is appealing to people who have open Bench Warrants is a lawyer who knows the DC system and knows the judges and administrative staff who would be involved in working out a walk-in Bench Warrant return. Knowing the DC courts and the staff and judges over at the DC Superior Court is very, very helpful in working these situations out in a favorable manner.