The Attorney-Client Relationship in a DC Bribery Case

The attorney-client relationship in a DC bribery case begins even before the attorney is retained. From the time you consult an attorney, there are certain privileges that you have. This allows you to feel honest with your bribery lawyer so that they can better help you.

Going into an Initial Consultation With an Attorney

A person who is meeting with an attorney in a bribery investigation could be at various stages of a bribery case. Some people may become aware of the investigation relatively early because they were approached by FBI agents or heard that a bribery investigation may be undertaken. If a person is in an early stage of an investigation, they may not have a lot of information. They may not fully know whether they are a suspect or just a person of interest as a possible witness. Either way, it is important to speak to a lawyer immediately.

A person who may not be the immediate target of a bribery investigation could still later find themselves subject to investigations for making false statements to federal law enforcement agents, obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, or attempting to influence witnesses in the investigation. People could also find themselves targeted for not complying with federal subpoenas or for destroying documents that may be a part of a federal investigation. Therefore, it is important to preserve all information that could be relevant for the investigation and have that information available for consultations with lawyers. That could mean preserving receipts, preserving tax information, emails, text messages, financial statements, and any other documentation that could be relevant to the investigation.

A person may not be able to gather all that information for an initial consultation but having any available documentation to show lawyers can be very helpful. It can help an attorney understand what the person’s rights are, what their obligations are, and what role they could have in a federal investigation.

What is the Attorney-Client Privilege in Bribery Cases?

When a person consults an attorney with the intention of seeking legal representation, attorney-client privilege applies to all communication between the attorney and the prospective client. Even if a person does not ultimately retain a lawyer, attorney-client privilege still applies. This privilege does not only apply to verbal communications or phone calls, it also applies to emails, text messages, or any other means of communication between a person seeking representation and an attorney.

Attorney-client privilege also applies to any members of a defense team. That could mean defense experts, investigators, paralegals, and administrative staff. This allows a person to be forthcoming with legal counsel and allows legal counsel to provide the person with honest advice based on their circumstances.

Learn More About the Attorney-Client Relationship in a DC Bribery Case

It is important that the attorney and their client have a strong relationship in a DC bribery case. This can help foster a sense of trust that is crucial in fighting the charges. To discuss your case, call today for a consultation.