Penalties and Consequences for DC Solicitation Convictions

If you have been accused of solicitation in Washington, DC the following are frequently asked questions on potential penalties and consequences for a conviction. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a DC solicitation lawyer  to discuss your case.

What are Maximum Penalties for Solicitation in DC?

For a first offense solicitation of prostitution charge the maximum penalty is 90 days in jail. For a second offense the maximum penalty is 180 days of jail. If you’re convicted of solicitation and you’ve had two or more prior convictions for solicitation of prostitution and they’re not committed on the same occasion then the highest penalty is two years of jail.

Can Solicitation Charges Affect My Immigration Status?

Immigration consequences for solicitation charges can potentially be serious especially for people who are not in the United States as a permanent resident. So people who are here on temporary work visas, travel visas, tourist visas, student visas, if you’re not a green card holder then a solicitation conviction can potentially result in deportation, denial of naturalization, and exclusion from readmission to the country. So avoiding any kind of admission of guilt could be very important to try and reduce the chances of the most severe immigration consequences.

Are Solicitation Charges in DC Public?

Fortunately for 99 percent of the people no one will have to find out about their charges because the District of Columbia does not publicize mug shots, they don’t publicize police reports, and most people’s criminal charges are not searchable under the major internet search engines like Google.

The DC court’s website, however, is searchable by typing in a person’s name exactly as it appears in their case and pulling up their court docket. That online court docket will indicate what happened at each court date and what the final resolution of the case was. But it will not have any police reports and it will not have any more information about the allegations outside of what the charge is. To get that kind of information the person will have to go to the court house and get the records in person.

Are Solicitation Convictions Public in DC?

The information will remain if the person was convicted or if the charges were ultimately dismissed. Only once the underlying charges have been expunged would the charge no longer appear in public records.

Other Long-Term Implications of DC Solicitation Conviction

If you are convicted of solicitation, then that would stay on your criminal record for at least eight years until you can expunge it. Aside from the standard penalties that accompany any criminal charge you also have the possible embarrassment of having the solicitation charge on your record, possible consequences to your job if they find out you’ve been convicted and possible consequences in the event that you have a security clearance with the government.