Our Approach to DC Theft Cases

Crimes that fall under the theft umbrella can range from misdemeanor crimes to very serious felonies. No matter which a person has been charged with, however, it is important a DC theft lawyer is contacted as soon as possible. An experienced criminal lawyer will be able to assist in fighting the charge and helping prepare the accused for what to expect at each step of the case. Read on to learn more about the various benefits the attorneys at our firm can provide to help those accused of theft offenses before calling and scheduling a consultation to discuss your case.

Defense Process

One of the first things a DC theft lawyer will look for when building a defense is information about where the alleged theft occurred. Location is important because a lawyer may want to independently investigate whether there is video evidence that captured the incident. Today, many restaurants and stores have cameras outside of their establishments, and street cameras are also prevalent in many areas. These make it worthwhile to go and investigate these videos as potential evidence that could help the case.

Another thing an attorney will be interested in looking at is the various people involved, including potential witnesses who may be testifying for the government. Sometimes investigating the witness can reveal potential biases that exist or call into question the credibility of the witness. Each of which may help your case.

What To Expect From An Attorney

Following our approach to theft cases, an individual can expect their theft lawyer and every other lawyer at our firm to defend their rights to the fullest extent, to thoroughly review all the evidence, and to seek out any and all information that could be beneficial to their case.

Our attorneys are experienced and zealous when it comes to defending our clients and advocating for their interests at every stage of their case and will communicate with the client to ensure they understand what they are facing and what is likely to take place.

Benefit of Legal Representation

All of our attorneys understand the importance of defending a theft case and working to minimize the harm our clients face from their criminal charge. Whether it is a shoplifting charge, or something as serious as an armed robbery, our approach to theft cases makes our client’s interest our top priority and an individual can always expect our DC theft attorneys to be available to answer all of their questions and address all of their concerns. To learn more about how an attorney can assist you, call and schedule a consultation with an attorney today.