DC Point System Lawyer

In DC, if someone is found liable for a moving violation after an administrative hearing or pays the ticket and admits liability, the DMV will assess points to the individual’s DC driving record.

These points may lead to severe consequences for an individual’s insurance rates or even on one’s livelihood if someone is a commercial driver. Therefore it is important to try and avoid points as much as possible by fighting the initial moving violation or ticket in court. In this regard a Washington DC traffic attorney can help by looking that the various facts of the case and advocating on the individual’s behalf to mitigate the overall damage.

Determining Points

The DMV has a point system, which determines the amount of points that are associated with each moving violation that occurs in DC.

These points will stay on an individual’s DC driver’s record for two years.  However, points may be dismissed by completing an online DC defensive driving course after getting approval by a hearing examiner. Once the driving course is complete, the DMV will automatically remove the points from the driver’s record.

To be approved by a hearing examiner, individuals must contest the ticket they receive and request an administrative hearing. It is up to the hearing examiner’s discretion whether to approve their request for driving school.

The hearing examiner will take the person’s driver’s record and the seriousness of the offense into consideration before making a decision.

Consequences of Obtaining Points

If a person accumulates too many points on their driver’s record, their DC driver’s license may be suspended or revoked.  For example, if someone accumulates 10 to 11 points, their driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. If someone accumulates 12 or more points, their driver’s license will be revoked for at least six months and will continue until the individual goes through the reinstatement process.

Having a lot of points on a driver’s record is likely to increase insurance premiums or may even lead to the insurance company dropping the individual from their company.  This may impact a person’s ability to drive in DC, even after the individual is officially reinstated.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A DC point system lawyer will be able to contest a person’s ticket by requesting an administrative hearing and appearing on the individual’s behalf.  They may be able to get a reduction of the fine and the points, a waiver of all of the points associated with the ticket, or a dismissal of the ticket altogether after fully evaluating the case and coming up with any possible defenses. To learn more about your case, and whether there are any potential pre-trial steps you can take, call and schedule a consultation today.