DC Fake ID Lawyer

A DUI conviction can have a profound impact on anyone arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated; this, however, is especially true of those accused of possessing fake IDs to engage in underage drinking in Washington, DC.

The District of Columbia, and all 50 states, has set the legal drinking age at 21.Therefore, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol and it is illegal for anyone to use fake identification to gain access to alcohol-selling establishment.

Underage drinking in DC can result in the suspension of one’s driver’s license and a criminal record, which can significantly impact one’s educational and work opportunities. If you are a minor, juvenile, or college student who has been arrested for DUI or for using a fake ID — or if your child has been arrested in connection with such offenses — contact a DC underage drinking lawyer today to start building the strongest possible defense.
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DC Colleges and Underage Drinking

Many college students have difficulty balancing the responsibilities and freedoms that come with this new period in their lives. Often, drinking is considered a rite of passage for some college and university students.Despite the easy availability of alcohol, underage drinking remains illegal and can result in serious legal consequences. Additionally, most universities within the District of Columbia have a specific code of conduct that includes prohibition of underage drinking.

Students who are arrested for DUI in DC, or who are arrested for underage drinking or other alcohol related offenses, face not only legal ramifications but also university sanctions. Such university penalties may include loss of scholarships, athletic eligibility, and even suspension or expulsion.

DC Fake ID Charges

In DC, misrepresentation of age or use of a fake identification is one of the most common offenses levied against those who fall within the underage range. Perhaps you used a fake identification card to get into a bar, or to purchase alcohol at a local liquor store. If caught, there’s a good chance this marks your first run-in with the law. Accordingly, a charge of misrepresentation of age can be pretty scary.

However, when you have a DC criminal defense firm on your side, you can put your trust in the fact that your case will be given the utmost in individualized attention and that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your rights and your reputation.

Fake ID Penalties in DC

Fake ID Lawyer in DCGenerally, misrepresentation of age carries a fine up to $300 and suspension of your driving privileges for up to 90 days. However, depending on the facts of your case, you may be eligible for community service diversion. A dedicated DC criminal defense attorney who has experience handling underage drinking and fake ID cases will know how best to pursue this option.

What Can Be Done?

When you are charged with misrepresentation of age or having a fake identification, it’s normal to be nervous about the potential consequences. If this is your first contact with the DC criminal court system, this can be a particularly stressful process. Having an experienced defense attorney on your side can put your mind at ease because your attorney will immediately begin working to minimize the impact such charges may have on your life.

Community Service Diversion

Diversion is an alternative program that allows you to perform community service in exchange for a dismissal of your charges. Determining whether or not you qualify for community service diversion requires the experience and knowledge of a well-qualified DC criminal defense lawyer.

Contact a DC DUI Attorney Today

If you have been arrested for underage drinking in Washington, DC do not give up hope. A skilled DC criminal defense attorney can explain your options and help mitigate these charges. A dedicated DC underage drinking lawyer may be able to successfully negotiate a more favorable disposition by pushing for options that include alcohol education and treatment and community service, rather than a conviction resulting in a permanent criminal record.

Similarly, if you’ve been charged with misrepresentation of age in Washington, DC, you should contact an attorney who has successfully handled similar cases by either having the charges dismissed or, if that is not an option, negotiating for less severe penalties.

DC Fake ID lawyer Peter Odom has experience handling these charges and many more. You should never treat charges of underage drinking or use of a fake ID lightly. While it seems like a harmless crime, the District of Columbia vigorously prosecutes these cases to send a strong message to the public that such acts will not be tolerated.

Additionally, universities and educational institutions in the region hold an equally stern view. Don’t leave your educational and professional future at risk, call Mr. Odom’s Washington, DC, law office at (202) 618-9898 for a free case evaluation.