Signs That You Might Be Under Investigation in DC

The following is information on the various signs that you may be under investigation and the actions you should take to ensure your rights are protected. To learn more or discuss how you can deal with an investigation, call and schedule a consultation with a DC criminal defense attorney today.

Red Flags That You May be Under Investigation

The most obvious red flag that you are being investigated for a crime is when the police contact you and ask you, “Will you come in and make a statement.” If the police contact you and asked you to voluntarily come in to the police station and give them a statement that they gives a pretty solid indication that they are investigating you for a crime. They may not tell you that you are being investigated for a crime or they may specifically say that you are not being investigated for a crime, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. If the police contact you and want you to make a statement, assume that you are being investigated for a crime and contact a lawyer right away.

There may be a red flag that you are being investigated for a crime if you repeatedly see the police driving by your house or you find out that they have been asking your friends or your family for information about you. If any of those cases or any of those situations come up then contact a lawyer for advice right away. Never wait to contact a lawyer until after you have already made statements to the police. Before speaking to anyone, before speaking to your family about the situation, before speaking to friends and definitely before speaking to the police, contact a lawyer.

Reason You Might Be Targeted

There are any numbers of reasons why the police may target you for investigations. It may be the result of an anonymous tip; it may be the result of information that they have gathered from known witnesses and may be because a specific accuser has come to the police and accused you of committing a crime.

In the event, for example, that a person goes to the police and says that you drugged her and took her back to your apartment and sexually assaulted her then the police will use that information to begin an investigation where you are the target. They could very likely call you and say that they simply want information about a possible crime and ask that you come to answer questions.

They may tell you that you are simply a witness and they would like to confirm your whereabouts on a specific date and time. They could ask your friends or your family for information about you. Any accusation or even an anonymous accusation could result in you being targeted for a police investigation.

Should You Contact a Lawyer Even If Unsure Whether You Are Under Investigation?

There is never any drawback to getting the help of a lawyer if you believe you might be getting investigated but you are not sure. Having a lawyer’s assistance can never be used as evidence against you. It can never be assumed that you have committed a crime just because you have hired a lawyer.

Having a lawyer even if you are not actually being investigated can help you understand what to do if the police knock on your door, what to do if the police show up at your job and it can help you be prepared in the event that an investigation does begin. The thing that most frequently places people at a severe disadvantage are when the police begin investigation and a person is caught off guard by that.

If you have the assistance of an attorney before an investigation has even begun then you know exactly what to do in the event that an investigation results in the police officer stopping by your job or stopping by your home. Having that knowledge and having that security that you can immediately tell police officers, “Here is my lawyer’s contact information. I am their client and they will make a statement you can contact him.”

It means that you can be comfortable knowing that you have assistance in the earliest available opportunity and right when you need it and not when it is already too late and you have already incriminated yourself. That can be the case whether you are already being investigated or if you are not even sure whether you are being investigated.