Driving While Suspended Charges

Having a driver’s license suspended means that the DMV is temporarily prohibiting you from driving usually for a period of no more than three months. Even though it seems like a minor offense, driving on a suspended license is a criminal charge in DC, and it can actually get you up to a year of jail time.

First-Time Driving While Suspended Charges

If you’ve never been arrested for driving on a suspended license before, it can be a pretty shocking experience to be put in handcuffs, taken to a police station, booked, processed and appear before a judge. But that’s usually what happens in these situations, and it’s a good idea when you appear for your first court date to have a lawyer there with you to be able to represent you and begin negotiations with the prosecutors to try and resolve your case.

In some circumstances, your lawyer will need to schedule you a second court hearing after your arraignment date to have some time to negotiate with the prosecutor and try to work out a favorable result for you. But in other situations it is actually possible for your lawyer to work out a resolution on your first court date to reduce the number of times that you have to reappear before a judge. It can be more efficient that way and can make things easier for you and reduce inconvenience to you.

One of the most important things to remember in this situation is that you do not necessarily have to plead guilty to the charges. In some situations, your lawyer may be able to work out arrangements that can allow you to get your charges dismissed without you ever having to enter a guilty plea.

What Should Someone Expect From Their First Time in DC Court?

On your first time in DC court you don’t have to expect that you’ll need to call witnesses, you don’t need to expect that you’ll be put on the stand or that you’ll have to testify or that there’ll be any police officers or witnesses there for your case. On your first time in court all that will be expected is for your lawyer to enter your plea of not guilty and to possibly negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor on that date.

Driving While Suspended and Other Charges

We sometimes see people who get driving under the influence charges have accompanying charges like driving while suspended, especially in situations where they may have had their license suspended as a result of a previous DUI and the suspension had never been lifted. In those situations, having a driving while suspended charge along with another charge can potentially make your situation much worse because not only are you facing a charge for driving under the influence, the allegation is you shouldn’t have even been driving in the first place.

Call a Driving While Suspended Lawyer

When you work with a DC driving while suspended attorney, he or she can break down your basic options for you and explain how to proceed with the legal process.  The charges can seem basic on the surface, but depending on your unique situation, having an experienced legal advocate on your side can make a world of difference.  Call our DC law firm today for your free initial consultation.