DC Stalking Lawyer

Stalking is a series of actions that would cause a person to feel harassed, threatened, or intimated, but it’s more than one action. It has to be a pattern of actions that would cause a person to feel threatened, intimated, or harassed. The most common types of stalking are unwanted phone calls, or repeated, unwanted visits to a person’s house or work. It can’t simply be calling someone several times, that’s not enough to get someone a stalking charge.

With that said, stalking is a serious offense and as such should be addressed with the assistance of a DC stalking lawyer. With an experienced attorney’s assistance, a strong defense can be built and charges can be minimized as much as possible.

Elements of a Stalking Offense

There has to be some action that would cause a person to feel threatened, intimated, harassed, or fearful for their safety. For example, if a person repeatedly goes to someone else’s place of business and, in spite of being told to leave, continues to come back or waits for the person outside of a bathroom, or waits for a person right outside the door, and comes across as very aggressive, then that can often result in a stalking charge.

Potential Penalties

Stalking cases are like any other criminal case where you have a prosecutor and you can get jail time. In DC,  stalking is a misdemeanor, however, cases that are filed in the domestic violence court will always be misdemeanors.

Hire a DC Stalking Attorney Today

There are serious penalties for stalking charges, so you will want to hire a lawyer for a stalking charge for the same reasons why you want to hire a lawyer for an assault charge, a DUI, a drug case, or anything like that. Stalking charges are not like civil cases, which you can handle by working it out with your accuser. You need to have a lawyer who can defend the case against the prosecutor, who is the one in charge of the case. One of the most important things that a person should not do in a domestic violence case, and specifically a stalking case, is try to communicate with the accuser to convince the person to drop the charges or to not move forward on the case. Please contact an experienced DC stalking lawyer today if you have been getting harassed or unwanted visits.