Federal Bribery Charges in DC

Federal bribery charges in DC can apply any time someone offers money or anything of value to a government official. As this is a federal crime, it carries serious penalties. Therefore, it is crucial to reach out to a knowledgeable federal bribery attorney if you believe you believe you are being investigated. A lawyer can begin building an aggressive defense strategy to protect your rights and freedom.

Common Bribery Charges

The most common situations in Washington, DC involving bribery charges at the federal level include the allegation of an exchange of something of value, typically money for an act by a public official. That could include allegations of payments to a government official in exchange for favorable treatment in procurement decisions or allegations of payments to government officials in exchange for favorable regulatory treatment.

These are some of the most common federal bribery cases. Bribery charges can apply equally to the non-government official who is accused of making payments to government officials as it does to the government official who allegedly accepted the bribe. The same charges can be filed for both sides, but more commonly, federal prosecutors pay the most attention to the public officials who are accused of accepting bribes and seek out stronger penalties for them.

Illegal Gratuity

Illegal gratuity is a criminal charge that is similar to bribery but is slightly different in some important ways. The main difference between gratuities and bribes is that a bribe includes what is commonly referred to as a “quid pro quo” and therefore is paid before the act. By contrast, a gratuity is paid following the official act. It is most commonly thought of as a gift provided to a public official as a result of some official act.

Federal Investigations

Federal agents in DC engage in very aggressive investigations of federal bribery allegations. This can include undercover operations, seeking out cooperating witnesses who may be facing their own criminal liability, and secretly recording or videotaping investigations as evidence against the person. If someone believes they may be subject to an investigation on federal bribery charges, it is essential to contact an attorney immediately.

Federal investigators do not need to tell someone what they are investigating them for and they do not need to tell them what information they have already as part of their investigation. Since an individual is at a significant disadvantage compared to the federal investigators when they are being investigated, it is crucial to speak with a lawyer before speaking to any investigators.

Ask an Attorney About Federal Bribery Charges in DC

Federal bribery charges in DC, even allegations of a public official accepting small amounts of money, can have very serious consequences well beyond the value of the items received. Anyone accused of accepting bribes can potentially face years or even decades of prison time. It is necessary for any persons who may be subject to a federal bribery investigation to not underestimate the types and the severity of the penalties that federal prosecutors seek in these kinds of cases.

If you were accused of bribery it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. This can help put you in the best position to protect yourself, know your rights, and understand the extent of the investigation. Call today to get started.