DC Federal Bribery Investigations

DC federal bribery investigations can be intimidating. Often they are the result of the joint efforts of the FBI and US Attorney’s Office who can pool their resources together to conduct an extremely thorough investigation. Further, you may not even be aware that you are the subject of an investigation until it is almost over. Therefore, it is important to reach out to an aggressive federal bribery lawyer as soon as you learn of the investigation.

Federal Bribery Investigations

The first steps of a federal bribery investigation usually involve an allegation or a complaint to federal law enforcement agencies who would then begin conducting an initial investigation. Federal bribery investigations are usually joint operations between the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office. The FBI conducts on-the-ground investigations using witness interviews, search warrants, and conducting undercover investigative operations. Typically, the FBI works with the United States Attorney’s office during these investigations.

That means that, as part of the FBI investigation, the US Attorney’s office can convene a grand jury to compel witnesses to appear and testify under oath. This grand jury investigation allows federal prosecutors to put pressure on the individual to provide information to the government.

How Long Do Investigations Take?

Bribery investigations by the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office can range in terms of complexity. Some bribery investigations can be very straightforward and only involve a couple of witnesses, while others can be sprawling and may take months or years to complete. For example, if they involve bank accounts or documents that are located overseas, it can be difficult for investigators to retrieve the necessary evidence which can make the process longer.

A long investigation may not necessarily be caused by more severe allegations but could be the result of more complex financial arrangements between private officials and government officials can often result in lengthier investigations. As soon as a person is aware that there may be an investigation against them or involving them, it is best to begin contacting attorneys to make sure they understand their obligations during the investigation as well as their rights.

Learning of the Charges

As stated above, bribery investigations often involve grand juries. Therefore, these investigations are typically sealed from public view so that no one, even the person being investigated, would know about them. They can also take months or even years to complete. It is common for the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office to finish a significant portion of their investigation before notifying a person they are a suspect. Therefore, it is important to reach out to an attorney immediately after being notified of an investigation.

Discuss DC Federal Bribery Investigations with an Attorney

Allegations of bribery, even allegations of a public official accepting small amounts of money or small gifts or other items of value, can have very serious consequences well beyond the value of the items received. Public officials accused of accepting bribes can potentially face decades of prison time. Therefore, it is necessary to not underestimate the seriousness of these charges.

If you are the subject of a DC federal bribery investigation, you should contact a lawyer immediately, especially before you have spoken with any new investigators. This can help put you in the best position to protect yourself. Call today for a consultation to get started.