Washington DC Title IX Lawyer

Some of the most serious criminal accusations that a person may ever have to face involve sexual violence. However, a person’s enrollment in school may make these allegations even more serious.

This is because of the federal Title IX laws that require all schools to thoroughly investigate all allegations of sexual violence that occur on their property or that affect their students. As a result, a sexual violence accusation can result in not just criminal penalties but may also jeopardize your academic future.

A Washington DC Title IX lawyer could help to defend your rights in both areas. A skilled student defense lawyer’s main goal is to defeat a prosecutor’s charges in Washington DC’s criminal courts. However, an attorney could also help to fight back against any academic penalty that may result from an alleged Title IX incident.

The Purpose and Function of Title IX

In 1972, Congress passed a large section of legislation that amended the country’s education code. Known as Title IX, this legislation prohibits any discrimination by educational institutions against any person on the basis of sex. Later amendments required schools to implement investigatory bodies that delve into any violent acts that may affect their students because of their sex.

As a result, all colleges and universities in Washington DC that accept federal money must take an allegation of sexual violence that affects their population seriously. The mere accusation of wrongdoing is likely to trigger an investigation into the matter. Every school maintains separate policies for these investigations, but the relevant board has the ultimate discretion to sanction or even expel a student.

Making matters worse, the boards act independently of any criminal investigation. Even if a defendant avoids conviction in criminal court, their educational future may still suffer. A Washington DC Title IX lawyer could help students to defend their rights during these investigations.

What Sort of Incidents May Trigger a Title IX Investigation?

Title IX is intended to prevent any discrimination based upon a person’s sex at school. Further legislation has expanded the idea of discrimination to include any form of harassment or violence. It is easy to imagine that many of these alleged incidents overlap with Washington DC’s criminal code. Schools have an obligation to report incidents that violate the law to the police. As a result, it is common for students facing a Title IX investigation to also face prosecution.

These prosecutions can vary in severity. Something as simple as stalking under DC Code §22-3133, where one student may engage in conduct that makes another feel alarmed, can bring about a misdemeanor level case. More serious allegations of sexual abuse according to DC Code §22-3002 are felonies that can bring sentences of multiple years in prison. A Washington DC Title IX lawyer could help clients to defeat these charges in court to protect their freedom.

Let a Washington DC Title IX Attorney Assist You

Students who face allegations of Title IX violations are in a difficult position. The law prohibits the harassment of students because of their gender by any party. This applies equally to men, women, and transgender students. Of course, if this behavior violates a section of Washington DC’s criminal code, a formal prosecution may begin.

In addition, the school itself is required to conduct an investigation after any complaint made in good faith.

A Washington DC Title IX lawyer could help to protect your rights during all legal proceedings. This can include serving as your defense lawyer during any criminal case.

In addition, an attorney could work within the confines of your school’s disciplinary board to serve as an adviser, find potential witnesses, to help you to understand the process, and to appear with you at conduct hearings to defend your educational future. Contact an attorney today to limit your risk and to make a stand.