Washington DC University Conduct Meetings

Statutes like Title IX are in place to safeguard against sexual assault, violence, and harassment at colleges and universities across the country. These charges and other student conduct violations typically necessitate one or more student conduct meetings or disciplinary hearings.

If your school has charged you with a Title IX violation or other conduct violation, you could be facing serious academic penalties, including a reprimand, suspension, or expulsion from your college or university. You could also be facing serious criminal penalties if prosecutors decide to charge you.

Fortunately, you have a right to an adviser at university conduct meetings and disciplinary hearings that address Title IX and other student conduct violations. An experienced Title IX lawyer can tell you what you should expect at Washington DC university conduct meetings and help you pursue the best possible result at the hearing.

College and University Conduct Codes

Virtually every college and university has a Code of Conduct in place for both students and faculty. These conduct codes establish the regulations, standards, responsibilities, privileges, rights, and rules that apply to all members of the university community. These conduct codes also outline policies on sexual harassment and violence at the university – including how these allegations are handled and the procedures and protocols in place to address them.

Students who attend the college or university are responsible for reading, knowing, and understanding all provisions of the student conduct code. Students must also understand that the institution can hold them responsible if they violate any provision of the code and they can be subject to disciplinary proceedings and sanctions.

Student Conduct Meetings

When a student violates a college or university’s code of conduct, a Washington DC university conduct meeting usually results. At an initial student conduct meeting, the accused student meets with a student conduct officer who provides an overview of the student conduct process and informs the student of their responsibilities and rights under the college or university’s conduct code. While each college’s procedures are different, the following activities also typically occur at Washington DC university conduct meetings:

  • The officer presents the student with information about the alleged conduct code violation
  • The officer allows the student to present their version of events regarding what transpired during the occurrence
  • The officer asks the student to produce any evidence or witnesses favorable to their side

A student conduct officer could then present the student with one or more options for resolving the student conduct case which is pending against you.

Speak with a Student Defense Lawyer About DC University Conduct Meetings

If your college or university is investigating you for a Title IX violation or other student conduct code violation, you do not want to be without legal assistance, as the potential academic penalties and consequences of a violation are significant. Moreover, a notation will likely appear on your transcript, and it could be extremely difficult for you to transfer to a different college or university. In some instances, it might even be hard for you to find a job after you graduate.

Washington DC university conduct meetings are an important component of the student conduct process. If you are facing student conduct charges at a Washington DC college or university, call an experienced student defense lawyer today to find out how a lawyer could assist.