Rights during a Washington DC Title IX Investigation

In accordance with Title IX, once a college or university knows—or reasonably should know—about a potential instance of sexual harassment or sexual violence, campus authorities must take immediate action to investigate the incident. If a campus review panel determines that you are responsible for the alleged act, you could be subject to expulsion or suspension from school, as well as criminal charges that incur serious penalties, including fines or jail time.

If you are the subject of a Title IX investigation, you should not try to represent yourself. An experienced lawyer could make sure that you understand all your legal rights during a Washington DC Title IX investigation and take measures to safeguard those rights and ensure they are protected. An attorney could also make certain that you understand all your college or university’s procedures regarding the Title IX investigation protocols that are already in place.

Right to Investigate the Charges

One important right that students have during a Washington DC Title IX proceeding is to investigate the charge pending against them. Components of a thorough investigation typically include the following:

  • Reviewing written submissions by witnesses regarding their observations of the incident in question
  • Locating third-party witnesses and obtaining statements from these individuals to introduce at the school hearing
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and preserving any social medial or digital evidence, including social media posts and text messages

Right to Present Witnesses and Evidence

As part of the Title IX protocols colleges and universities must follow, all parties involved in an allegation must have an equal opportunity to present witness testimony at the hearing which favors their respective side of the dispute. Moreover, all participants must be able to present other evidence at the hearing—including tangible evidence—and must have the same appeal rights.

Right to have an Attorney Present at the Hearing

In a Title IX case, accused students typically have very limited rights. However, the college or university where the incident occurred must permit an attorney to be present—and to advocate on behalf of the accused student—during the various stages of the proceedings.

At the hearing, a student defense attorney could present written evidence and/or witness testimony on the accused student’s behalf. The attorney could also call the accused student to testify as to their version of the facts surrounding the incident in question. The specific rights an accused person has during a Washington DC Title IX investigation could be discussed in more detail during an initial consultation.

Learn More About Your Rights During a DC Title IX Investigation

If you are in the midst of Title IX proceedings at your college or university, there is no time to lose in seeking out an experienced attorney to represent you. A lot is on the line in a Title IX case, and the investigation and hearing procedures can be extremely difficult to effectively manage alone. Call a knowledgeable Title IX lawyer today to discuss your rights during a Washington DC Title IX investigation and more efficiently take advantage of the legal options available to you.