Role of a DC DUI Attorney

When arguing drunk driving cases, the government and prosecution have the burden to prove a defendant guilty. The role of a DC DUI attorney is to assist you in defending your rights and reputation against any evidence the prosecution may plan on presenting. A savvy driving under the influence lawyer can help you prepare a defense argument you are comfortable with presenting in court.

Expectations for When the Government Presents Their Case

A defense attorney has many tasks to do during the course of the government’s case. While the government is presenting the case, the role of a DC DUI attorney is to take mental inventory of the evidence the government is attempting to introduce to the case. This means, they may making note of any specific questions the government is asking of the witnesses, what is the physical evidence that the government has because there are rules and limitations about what evidence can come in, what is appropriate, what is proper and how it can be introduced, what the proper method and sequence would be.

The defense attorney will be paying close attention to everything that is said by the judge, by a witness, by the prosecutor, by anybody involved in the trial because a defense attorney’s job is to object to inappropriate questions or inappropriate evidence, to then follow up and ask questions on cross-examination of any of the government’s witnesses.

What is the Role of a Governments Witness?

While a government witness is testifying on direct examination by the prosecutor, the┬árole of a DC DUI attorney is to pay attention to the questions being asked in order to counter the prosecution’s argument.

It is important to initially prepare for trial based on all the evidence that has been collected, all the evidence that is present at the time and then be able to compare that to what a witness is actually saying during testimony on the stand so that when you cross-examine, you can do so effectively. While the government is presenting its case, that is what the defense is analyzing and focused on.

How the Defense Can Argue Against DUI Prosecution

The government may strategically hold back some evidence or a witness or two depending upon the facts of the case, hold them back for their rebuttal case because the sequence is the government presents their case-in-chief, meaning the substantive witnesses and evidence they want to present to present to the fact-finder, whether it be a judge or jury, as to the defendant’s guilt.

Part of the role of a DC DUI attorney is to present witnesses and present evidence just like the government does to refute the government’s allegations, to refute testimony and evidence that the government presented.

Once the defense is done, if the government chooses to do so and can do so correctly, meaning they are confined much more so than they are in direct examination, but they can present a rebuttal case to refute what the defense has just presented. Sometimes the government may hold back a witness or hold back some evidence, anticipating that they will use it to rebut what the defense has presented in their case.