Hiring An Attorney For a Fake ID Case in DC

The following is information on fake ID cases in Washington DC, including why it is important to hire an attorney for these types of cases and the penalties associated with a fake ID conviction. To learn more contact a DC fake ID lawyer today.

Why Is It Important to Hire An Attorney in a Fake ID Case?

Even though on a first offense fake id case the possible resolution options are preset into DC law, that doesn’t necessarily mean that going through that process is any less intimidating. Many people facing fake id charges have never been in front of a judge and have never been arrested before. Having a lawyer who is experienced with these kinds of cases can be an immense relief to you and can minimize anxiety to your family, who are probably just as nervous about the situation as you are.

Why Not Just Represent Yourself?

DC Superior Court typically frowns upon people trying to represent themselves especially in a situation where a person is young, inexperienced, doesn’t have much legal background, and not much legal knowledge. The D.C. Superior Court wants to make sure that a person going through the situation for the first time is well represented and has someone to advocate for their best interests.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Fake ID Cases in DC?

Clients often choose me to represent them because they want someone who they feel comfortable appearing with them in court and they want someone who they feel comfortable talking to about their situation. You don’t necessarily want to hire the 70-year-old family lawyer friend who mostly deals with divorces or business contracts . You want someone who deals with these kinds of situations often, who understands what a student or young person is going through and can sympathize with your situation to make you feel comfortable.

Why Do You Find Fake ID Cases Interesting?

People who are charged with using a fake id have very often never been in trouble in their lives, very often they have never been arrested before, never been brought before a court before or never been in front of a judge before. So even though they may not be charged with the most serious crime in the world, to them that is the most serious issue that they personally have ever experienced. I treat these cases with the appropriate level of significance knowing that to the person who is facing it this is the most important case in the world.

What Are the Penalties Associated With a Fake ID Conviction?

The penalties include a maximum of a $300 fine and a suspension of your driving privileges for up to 90 days. However depending on the facts of your case you are possibly eligible for community service diversion in the event that you have never been arrested before for the same offense.

What Are The Long Term Repercussions?

For someone who has never been charged or arrested with this kind of crime before it is very likely that your lawyer can work everything out to have your charges dismissed. Fortunately DC law also allows an expedited expungement process so instead of having to wait the normal 2 year waiting period in order to be able to seal your underlying arrest record DC law allows you to wait just a 6 month period of time before you can apply to have your records sealed. This would mean that you would never have to report that you were ever arrested for or charged with a crime.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Fake ID Cases in DC?

One common misconception is that if you try to use the fake id the worst thing that can happen is the bartender or the bouncer or the liquor store owner simply will turn you away and take your id. Most people I talk to are very surprised that they were arrested, put in handcuffs and are going to be brought before a judge to answer for a criminal charge.