Possession of False Identification in DC

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What Happens if You Are Caught Using a Fake ID in DC?

Many years ago, it used to be the case that college students or people under the age of 21 wouldn’t get arrested for trying to get into a bar or into a night club with fake ID. The bouncers will just take your fake ID and will tell you to turn around and go. These days, however, there are police officers working together with bouncers and night clubs to actually arrest young people under the age of 21 when they try to get into bars with fake IDs.

When I say arrest what I mean is actually confiscating your ID, putting you in handcuffs, putting you in the back of a police car and taking you to be charged with the crime of attempting to use false identification to enter an alcohol serving establishment. This is happening more and more frequently as the number of college students trying to get into bars increases and as liability for bars starts to increase for serving people under the age of 21. That means that bars are now working together with the police to make these arrests.

Penalties and Consequences

This is a misdemeanor offense and it can’t actually get you any jail time, but misrepresenting your age to try and enter an alcohol serving establishment can still get a conviction added onto your record. Fortunately DC laws allow for a community service diversion program for people charged with using a form of false identification to enter an alcohol serving establishments. This community service program allows you to perform community service at a non-profit in Washington DC and pay a small fine in exchange for getting your charge dismissed.

Is Just Having False Identification a Crime?

The crime itself is misrepresenting your age to enter an alcohol serving establishment. It is not charged if you simply are in possession of some kind of false identification but if you are in possession of false identification that misrepresents your age and you use that false identification to either purchase alcohol or to enter a bar or night club that is serving alcohol then in those circumstances you can be arrested.

Does Asking to Speak to An Attorney Imply Guilt?

Asking to speak to an attorney absolutely does not imply guilt. It is expected that you would have the assistance of a lawyer and the assistance of a lawyer can make the process not only easier for you but easier for the court and easier for everyone involved because a lawyer knows how to get you through the system, knows what the different possibilities for defense are, and knows what the correct procedures are to work out the case in a favorable way for you. So you are expected to either have a lawyer there with you even if you don’t have a lawyer who you hired or whom your family has hired, because then the court would appoint a lawyer to represent you at your hearing.

What Should You Look For In a Lawyer?

You absolutely want to look for someone who is in DC Superior Court very frequently dealing with these kinds of situations. That means not necessarily looking for the attorney who does nothing but murder cases or the attorney who is in DC Superior Court dealing with divorce cases every day. It is someone who is familiar with the DC court procedures dealing with use of a fake ID, who is familiar with the prosecutors who handle these kinds of cases and familiar with the judges and administrative staff who are in the courtrooms on these kinds of cases because that can be very helpful in expediting your process, minimizing the chances of something going wrong and take the load of your shoulders in the best way possible.