What Should Someone Expect After Being Arrested For a Fake ID in DC?

The following is information on what you should know if charged with attempting to use a fake ID in DC. To discuss your charges in more detail, or find out what penalties you may be facing, call and schedule a consultation with a DC fake ID lawyer today.

When you are arrested for possession of a false identification while attempting to enter an alcohol serving establishment or to buy alcohol, you are arrested in the same way that anyone else will be arrested. You are put into handcuffs, you are put in the back of a car and the police take you to the nearest police district where you are booked, processed, and then released.

The booking and processing time usually takes anywhere from one hour to as much as 3 or 4 hours.

When you are released you are given a citation to appear back in court usually about 3 to 4 weeks later. The hearing that you have to appear for is called an arraignment where the DC Attorney General’s Office charges you with a crime of misrepresentation of age. The judge reads you what you are charged with and you will be asked to enter a plea.

It is important to have a lawyer there with you to guide you through that process, enter a plea of not guilty and conduct all discussions with your prosecutor. It can provide you with the ease of mind knowing that you will be assisted through a very intimidating and often scary process of appearing before a DC Superior Court judge.

What Should Someone Do After Being Charged For Having a Fake ID?

First, don’t get arrested again while your case is pending. Second, call a lawyer and get help. Third, make sure you are able to show up for your first court date.

What Are The Top 3 Things That Someone Should Know About Fake ID Cases in DC?

First they should know that fake id cases are actually criminal charges that result in you being arrested and being brought before a DC Superior Court judge. You should know that DC law allows for you to be able to do community service in exchange for getting your charges dismissed and you should also know that DC law allows for an expedited expungement process that can result in you getting your prior case sealed much sooner than it is normally available in most criminal cases.

What Does The Prosecution Need to Prove in a Fake ID Case?

The prosecution needs to prove that you were in possession of a form of identification that misrepresents your age. The prosecutor also needs to prove that your intention in misrepresenting your age was to enter what they call an ABC establishment, which is an alcohol serving or selling establishment that can either be a bar, a night club or a liquor store.