Benefits of a DC Federal Embezzlement Attorney

Federal embezzlement cases are complicated and could have serious repercussions if you are convicted. From the possibility of incarceration to hefty fines, there is a lot at stake. One of the benefits of a DC federal embezzlement attorney is that they could help you navigate the federal embezzlement trial process. If you have been charged with an embezzlement offense, speak with a determined embezzlement lawyer that could fight for a positive outcome for you.

Misconceptions About Embezzlement Offenses

One of the most common misconceptions regarding embezzlement is that the individual does not take the claim seriously. They believe the matter can be resolved between the employee and their employer without law enforcement involvement. That is a costly mistake and a very serious misconception. If a person is facing an accusation of embezzlement by their employer, law enforcement has the sole discretion of whether or not to charge them with a crime. If a complaint is made by a person’s company to law enforcement agents, then law enforcement, police, prosecutors, other investigators have the exclusive discretion to decide to charge this person with a crime.

A person may believe that if they apologize to my company and repay the money, then everything will just go away. However, a person’s actions, such as apologizing or repaying the money, are absolutely usable as evidence against them and they can be used to prove that the person was aware that they improperly obtained that money. Before a person takes any action – such as making statements, submitting apologies, or returning money –one of the benefits of a DC federal embezzlement attorney is that they could give proper advice on what impact that could have on the allegations and the likelihood of being prosecuted.

When to Contact an Attorney

When facing embezzlement charges, a person should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. One of the most common mistakes people commit in embezzlement cases is discovering too late that they are under investigation and that their statements are usable as evidence against them. So many people believe that they can talk their own way out of allegations of embezzlement. They think that certain matters are internal company matters that can be resolved quickly.

Many people believe that they might be able to simply apologize and return money and that will make everything go away.  This is why a person should begin contacting defense attorneys in DC who are familiar with allegations of theft or embezzlement immediately when they realize that they may be under investigation. This means the second that a company representative or supervisor approaches a person and tells them that they have some questions about a financial account or company credit card statements, the first call that person should make at that point is to a lawyer.

How a Legal Advocate Could Protect Someone From Incriminating Themselves

It does not matter whether a person thinks it is a small issue or that they think they are innocent, the first call they should make is to their lawyer because of the benefits of a DC federal embezzlement attorney is that they could protect an individual from incriminating themselves. Before making any statements to a person’s company, as soon as a person believes that there may be an issue, they should call a lawyer who can help them understand what their next step should be. They can avoid making that costly irreversible mistake, and find out how to protect themselves in the best way possible.

Importance of Hiring a DC Federal Embezzlement Attorney

It is important to hire an embezzlement lawyer who has experience working in Washington, DC specifically because of the nuances involved. When a person believes that they may be the subject of an investigation and they begin calling lawyers, the first thing they should look to is lawyers who have an experience and background in handling embezzlement or theft cases, and handling those cases in the District of Columbia. The reason is that understanding DC procedures and the way that DC police and investigators conduct these investigations is an extremely important step to properly preparing themselves to challenge the evidence against them.

DC is unique in that the number of different kinds of investigation agencies in the District is fairly staggering between Metropolitan Police Department, FBI, Homeland Security, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the IRS. DC is unique in that many investigative agencies have jurisdiction over things that happened in the District of Columbia. Having an attorney who understands DC procedure, DC rules on release pending trial, and how to adequately prepare defenses and arguments before DC judges makes all the difference in the world. It is no help to have a lawyer who is experienced in embezzlement cases but only understands Arizona procedure. The procedures can be different and the investigation tactics can be different. Having a local attorney who can meet with or speak with investigators and be on the ground when dealing with the person’s situation in the district is absolutely vital to ensuring that the person gets proper representation. If an individual wants to know more about the benefits of a DC federal embezzlement attorney, they should schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.