Unique Aspects of DC Federal Embezzlement Cases

If you are facing embezzlement charges in DC, you may be overwhelmed. Due to the fact that many DC employees are employed by the federal government or by federal government-adjacent agencies, there are many unique aspects of DC federal embezzlement cases that are important to be aware of.

A detail-oriented embezzlement attorney can explain these nuances to you. Through their years of experience, an attorney has the knowledge to help devise a strategy to effectively fight the charges you are facing.

What Makes DC Embezzlement Cases Unique?

Embezzlement cases in Washington, DC are unique for several reasons. One reason is that, unlike in certain other jurisdictions, embezzlement is not its own criminal offense. A person in DC would be charged with theft and not specifically with embezzlement because embezzlement is merely one type of theft charge.

Another way that embezzlement allegations in DC can be unique is the fact that certain kinds of embezzlement can either be charged in the local DC Superior Court or in Federal United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Because employers might be federal employers and it is not uncommon for finances to cross state lines using wire transfers, there can be significant crossover in cases between state and federal law. This is especially true since the Federal United States attorney’s office for the District of Columbia investigates and prosecutes both federal charges and local District of Columbia offense charged in the DC Superior Court.

The Role of Nonprofits and Governmental Organizations

Washington, DC is definitely unique in the massive presence of not only the federal government but also contractors and nonprofits that are heavily entwined with the federal government. One inherent aspect of government work is that money is constantly being transferred between accounts, between contractors and agencies and nonprofit organizations that contract with the federal government. This is why it is very important for a person accused of embezzlement to have an attorney who can really carefully review government documents and potentially be able to obtain expert financial services to help track the transfer of money.

An experienced attorney has a thorough understanding of how money is being transferred, where it is being transferred from, who had the authorization to conduct those transfers, and what is the nature and limitations of those transfers. These can all be extremely complicated questions, especially because of the number of people who have access to various accounts and government agencies in procurement and contracting. Having a team of attorneys and potentially financial experts who can thoroughly review contracts, financial records, and other documents is essential in developing a thorough and zealous defense in these kinds of embezzlement cases.

An Attorney Can Explain the Unique Aspects of DC Federal Embezzlement Cases

One of the largest employers in DC is the federal government. Other large employers are nonprofits and contractors that work closely with the federal government. Because of this, DC federal embezzlement cases are extremely nuanced. Further, due to the nature of DC, many cases can easily become federal cases. To understand the unique aspects of DC federal embezzlement cases, it is important to consult a knowledgeable attorney. They can walk you through the process and help devise a defense strategy based on the unique factors of your case. Call today to set up a free consultation to learn more.