Investigating DC Federal Embezzlement Cases

When a person is charged with an embezzlement offense, they may feel helpless and frustrated. A conviction for such an offense could lead to serious jail time, fines, and other legal penalties. Furthermore, a conviction could create a permanent criminal record which could bar a person from future employment opportunities and career advances. If you or a family member has been arrested for embezzlement, it is highly recommended to learn about the procedures involved in investigating DC federal embezzlement cases. Reach out to a knowledgeable federal embezzlement attorney and start discussing potentially effective legal strategies.

External Investigation

There are many different factors involved in investigating DC federal embezzlement cases. A lot of embezzlement cases begin with a complaint. Prosecutors will usually start investigating when a complaint is filed by the property owner. The property owner commonly is a company that has experienced some sort of financial discrepancy and believes that their property or funds have been embezzled. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the police may obtain search warrants or subpoenas for bank records, financial statements, and credit card statements. They may also interview other employees who have similar access to the company’s finances as the accused or who fully understand the company’s finances. This often is a tactic used to find potential witnesses that could testify in the future.

The police and the prosecution may also deploy other investigating tactics such as withholding evidence or lying to see if the accused incriminates themselves. A person who is being investigated for embezzlement should typically not rely on the police or prosecution to be straightforward.¬†However, an investigation led by law enforcement is not the only type of investigation an accused person should be concerned about. Internal investigations may play a substantial role in a person’s case as well.

Internal Investigation

Some embezzlement allegations could be generated following a routine audit of company finances or inspection of company credit card accounts. An inconsistency in financial statements could serve as a catalyst to launch an internal investigation. This type of investigation generally begins before alerting police or occurs parallel to a police investigation. Investigating DC federal embezzlement cases involves many different factors

An internal investigation typically starts with interviewing the accused party. It is important for a person accused of embezzlement to understand any statement made to the employer could potentially be used as evidence in the event charges become filed.¬†This is true even though they are not under oath or made to a law enforcement agent. As a result, if a person is approached by a company representative and they ask questions suggesting that the person did something potentially illegal, their response could be used against them. It is in the alleged individual’s best interest to speak with an attorney and have them present during any communication with the employer, the prosecution, law enforcement, or any other party requesting information about the case.

Investigating Federal Embezzlement Cases in DC

An embezzlement allegation could jeopardize a person’s livelihood. A conviction for such an offense could lead to a significant incarceration period or devastate an individual’s ability to secure future gainful employment. If you or a family member has been accused of any type of embezzlement, consult with a dedicated federal embezzlement attorney. Both companies and law enforcement take investigating DC federal embezzlement cases seriously. Seek aggressive legal representation and schedule an appointment immediately.