Washington DC Bank Fraud Lawyer

Bank fraud is one of various criminal offenses that falls within the broader category of white-collar crime. These types of crimes focus primarily on financial gain and do not normally involve any type of violence or force, but the penalties for a bank fraud conviction still can be quite serious.

In most cases, those who are accused of bank fraud are employees of banks or financial investment firms. For these individuals, bank fraud charges may result not only in criminal penalties, but also in the loss of their careers.

If you or a loved one is accused of bank fraud, you should strongly consider consulting a Washington DC bank fraud lawyer for legal advice and representation. With so much at stake in bank fraud prosecutions, taking the time to meet with a criminal defense attorney may be wise.

General Bank Fraud Offenses

The legal term “bank fraud” covers a wide range of illegal activities that use the banking system to obtain money or assets belonging to others for personal financial gain. Both individual consumers and businesses may be targeted in bank fraud schemes, which often occur due to misconduct by bank employees, financial advisors, or insurance agents working through banks.

As technology has grown, so have the different means of committing bank fraud. Some of the more common types of bank fraud today include:

  • Using the identity of others to obtain access to bank accounts, investments, and credit
  • Forging bank documents, such as transfers, in order to embezzle funds
  • Misrepresenting or failing to fully disclose fees, charges, and penalties that adversely affect consumers
  • Selling unsuitable or inappropriately risky investment products to consumer

Bank fraud may encompass other types of fraud offenses, including mortgage fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Therefore, it is not unusual to see multiple charges arising out of the same alleged fraud scheme. Forgery, loan fraud, falsifying documents, and using the personal identifying information of others all may arise as part of bank fraud charges.

In most types of bank fraud, representatives of banks or investment companies use the banking or financial system to benefit themselves rather than their clients. As fraud may be difficult to spot, fraud charges may not arise until there have been hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to consumers. If accusations of bank fraud arise, then seeking the advice of a Washington DC bank fraud attorney at once is highly advisable.

DC Bank Fraud and Federal Law

Bank fraud often implicates interstate commerce and falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means that these offenses violate federal law. Federal agencies have a great deal of time and resources to devote to investigating and punishing those who commit bank fraud, and the potential penalties for a bank fraud conviction can be harsh under the federal sentencing guidelines.

In many cases, individuals may become aware that they are being investigated for bank fraud well before they are ever charged. In this situation, retaining a bank fraud lawyer in Washington DC may be the most effective way to fight back against accusations of fraud.

Get Advice from a Washington DC Bank Fraud Attorney Today

When you are facing any type of bank fraud charges, the risks to your personal and professional life may be very grave. Not only could you be subject to high fines and a lengthy prison sentence, but you also are likely to lose your ability to return to your previous occupation after your criminal charges are resolved.

Bank fraud investigations can be complex and require a great deal of knowledge of financial matters. As a result, you are likely to need experienced legal assistance and representation even from the beginning stages of your case.

In this situation, getting the advice of a Washington DC bank fraud lawyer can be crucial to your continued freedom and livelihood. Call today to schedule a consultation.