DC Tax Fraud Lawyer

Facing federal tax fraud charges is always serious. The potential repercussions of a conviction can be severe and the federal government can go to extreme measures to collect taxes it believes you owe. If you are accused of any kind of tax fraud, your first call may need to be to a Washington DC tax fraud lawyer.

A skilled fraud attorney may be able to delve into the facts surrounding your case and examine the evidence on which federal authorities are basing their case. Getting the legal advice you need in this situation can enable you to explore all of your options and determine the best legal strategy for your case.

Proving Tax Fraud in Washington DC

Unintentional errors on tax forms and filing mistakes occur on a regular basis and unfortunately can result in allegations of tax fraud. In order to prosecute individuals, federal authorities must prove that they willfully and intentionally took some action to defraud the federal government of taxes they owe. This can be a high burden for the prosecution to prove, particularly when a significant time period has passed since the alleged fraud.

In fact, many mistakes and omissions that consumers and businesses regularly make with respect to their taxes do not rise to the level of willful and intentional tax fraud. For example, the following actions probably do not constitute federal tax fraud:

  • Filing tax returns or paying taxes late
  • Understating income or overstating expenses
  • Failing to adhere to certain tax rules or regulations
  • Filing frivolous tax claims

While these may be civil violations of federal tax law that can result in fines or penalties, they are unlikely, in the absence of other contributing factors, to be the basis for a federal tax prosecution. If federal tax authorities have wrongfully accused persons of tax fraud, they should take the first step toward defending themselves by calling a tax fraud lawyer in Washington DC for assistance today.

Penalties for a Conviction

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regularly investigates situations that it believes may lead to the discovery of federal tax fraud or related criminal offenses. 26 U.S. Code § 7201 et. seq. sets forth various tax fraud and other tax-related crimes. These offenses include, among others:

  • Attempting to evade the payment of taxes
  • Intentionally failing to collect taxes
  • Making false statements with respect to taxes
  • Willfully failing to file a tax return

The penalties for tax fraud and related offenses vary, but they can be quite harsh. For instance, a violation of § 7201, which concerns attempting to evade taxes, can result in a fine of up to $100,000 for an individual and $500,000 for a corporation, a sentence of up to five years, or both. Similarly, violating § 7203, or willfully failing to file a tax return, can result in a fine of not more than $25,000, or $100,000 in the case of a corporation, a one-year sentence of incarceration, or both.

Tax fraud charges also may be filed in conjunction with other federal criminal charges, such as embezzlement or money laundering. When additional offenses are involved, a person could face more severe penalties than just those for tax fraud. Therefore, it is essential for defendants to reach out to a seasoned DC tax fraud lawyer as soon as possible.

Work with a Washington DC Tax Fraud Attorney Today

Regardless of the type of tax fraud accusations that you are facing, a DC tax fraud lawyer may be able to analyze the evidence against you and help build a strong defense to the charges against you. With an experienced legal advocate on your side, you may be able to avoid or minimize the potential repercussions of tax fraud charges on your personal and professional life.

Everyone makes mistakes, and errors in tax filing do not always prove the existence of tax fraud. Having legal representation from the outset of any investigation into your taxes can make the difference between a federal tax fraud prosecution and a more positive resolution of your case. Call today to learn more about your options.