DC Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity theft is a relatively new issue that you may have heard of before in the news. Equifax announced that a data breach affected 143 million consumers that compromised their identifying information.

Identity theft typically involves the taking of someone’s identity in order to gain some benefit. This may include using another person’s name to take out loans or get a credit card. The consequences of identity theft could be dire.

If the government has accused you or a loved one of identity theft, it may be vital to seek out the services of a DC identity theft lawyer attorney. A representative could advise you of what strategies to adopt with the government or what legal defenses may be available to you. Time is typically a factor in these matters.

Enlist the aid of a well-practiced fraud attorney immediately to learn what options are best for your situation.

Identity Theft Laws Washington DC

There are different definitions for the act of identity theft defined in the Code of the District of Columbia. These may include:

  • Using another person’s identifying information without permission in order to gain property;
  • Obtaining, creating or possessing another person’s identifying information without permission in order to use the information for personal gain or sell or transfer that information to a third party; and
  • Using another person’s identifying information without permission to identify oneself to the police, to help carry out a crime or avoid prosecution for a crime (CDC Section 22-3227.02).

A person’s identifying information could include their name, date of birth, telephone number, home address, and other secret information. Individuals could gain such information through the use of the internet, hacking and various traps used in misleading emails. A DC attorney could explain identity theft laws to an accused person.

Penalties for Identity Theft

There are two levels of identity theft as dictated by the Code of the District of Columbia. As an attorney could explain, identity theft in the first-degree means that a person obtained or tried to obtain property worth $1,000 or more. The punishment could be a fine of up to $10,000, two times the value of the property gained, or two times the value of the financial harm to the claimant, whichever is greatest. The court could also sentence the person to up to 10 years in jail (CDC Section 22-3227.03).

Identity theft in the second-degree means that a person obtained or tried to obtain property worth less than $1,000. The punishment is up to 180 days in jail and a fine of not more than $2,500 (CDC Section 22-3227.03).

A DC identity theft attorney could help a defendant build a defense case against any criminal allegations.

Talk to a Washington DC Identity Theft Attorney

If you believe that the police are investigating you or a loved one for identity theft, it could be imperative that you speak with an attorney who understands the laws of the District of Columbia and knows how the investigation process works.

A representative coul help you even before the government brings formal charges. Do not delay. You may be able to mount a stronger defense the earlier you start the process.

Consider speaking with a lawyer to see how they would advise you and what steps they advise you to take to lessen or even avoid any consequences resulting from a criminal charge. Reach out to a Washington DC identity theft lawyer today.