Benefits of Hiring a DC Robbery Lawyer

When a person believes they are being investigated on allegations of robbery, the first thing they should do is speak with an experienced robbery attorney about building a defense prior to their court date. The benefits of hiring a DC robbery lawyer often include providing the accused with peace of mind heading into their trial. Contact an attorney as soon as you are suspected of a robbery or theft charge.

What Is the Risk of Not Hiring a Robbery Attorney Right Away?

In some situations, a person can do things that irreparably harm their case in such a way that causes them to face harsher penalties, additional charges, or minimize their negotiation options. When a person talks to an attorney first, they can better understand how to respond to a robbery investigation. The attorney can advise them about what they should or should not do, who to avoid speaking to, and what information can protect their own interests.

Protecting the interest of the accused is just one of many benefits of hiring a DC robbery lawyer. It is not a good idea for a person to speak to the police first to find out what they are facing or find out what kind of investigation is happening and then speak with a lawyer. At that point, the person already made statements without realizing their statements permanently and negligently affected their case.

Role of Someone Accused of Robbery in DC

When someone is arrested on robbery charges, they may benefit from speaking with a robbery attorney. It is often suggested that the accused avoid discussing the alleged offense with members of law enforcement, Therefore, discussion of the case is considered one of the benefits of hiring a DC robbery lawyer. One of the most important things a person needs to discuss with an attorney at the beginning of their case is what kind of actions can cause obstruction of justice such as tampering with evidence.

Someone facing robbery charges can increase their chance of penalties if they speak with potential witnesses or do anything that could be misconstrued as tampering with usable evidence prior to their hearing. They should speak to an attorney first before speaking to any witnesses or doing any investigating of their own. Seeking the advice of an attorney can help a person avoid damaging their case and put them in the best position to protect their own interests.

Public Access to Robbery Arrest Records

Washington, DC has rules on when arrest records or information about a person’s arrest can made public to the general population. Arrest records are legally considered to be public information, meaning, anyone has the ability to go to the police station and ask for records related to an arrest. 

The DC court online docketing system also has information related to a person’s court case. However, DC police, investigators, and prosecutors are not permitted to broadly publicize on social media that a person was arrested because they are not yet convicted of a crime. There are certain exceptions to this rule in situations when there is a pressing public need to have information related to an arrest or investigation even when the arrest or investigation has not yet resulted in a conviction.

How An Attorney Can Help

When a person first becomes aware that they are being investigated for a robbery or any other kind of criminal offense, the three-point checklist is straightforward. A lawyer can help the person understand what they should do in their specific situation. The lawyer can get information from the person and make sure they avoid doing anything that can harm their case or result in additional charges. The lawyer can guide them through procedures and give them advice based on their specific situation. During a robbery investigation, the accused person should try to avoid speaking with the police and instead seek out potential witnesses and evidence with their attorney. One of the benefits of hiring a DC robbery lawyer is having a legal advisor by your side to help you prepare for your day in court. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible