Working With a DC Robbery Lawyer

Under Washington, DC law, robbery is defined as taking property from a person against their will using force or violence. Force or violence does not necessarily mean assaulting or harming the other person. Force or violence can mean putting the other person in some kind of fear. However, it could also be as simple as suddenly seizing or snatching an item or property from another person such as pick-pocketing. Under DC law, pick-pocketing or snatching property away from another without their permission and carrying that property away constitutes the crime of robbery. Due to the severity of robbery charges, working with a DC robbery lawyer is of the utmost importance. Consult a distinguished robbery attorney that could build a solid defense for you.

Severity of Robbery Charges

Robberies are considered serious felony offenses in Washington, DC. Unlike theft charges which can often be misdemeanors, robberies carry a significant possibility of jail or even prison time that can amount to months or even years depending on the circumstances. Even in situations where a person is charged with robbery due to a purse snatching or a pickpocketing situation in which no one was injured, those situations can still be charged at the felony level, and carry the possibility of years in prison. Because of the severity and the seriousness that DC prosecutors and judges treat these charges, working with a DC robbery lawyer that understands the legal requirements of the charges and knows the defenses available is vital. An experienced attorney can properly advocate for a person’s best interests and attempt to minimize the penalties a person might be facing.

These robbery cases can be extremely complicated because of the multiple elements that prosecutors are required to prove and the range of different types of robbery charges an attorney might see in a criminal defense practice. Robbery charges include everything from pickpocketing all the way up to allegations of armed robbery where a person is accused of robbing a store at gunpoint. Although these examples seem like night and day, both are charged as robbery offenses and considered felonies. Having a defense attorney with the background to understand the elements that the prosecutors must prove and the evidence needed to secure a conviction can give a person the best chance of fighting and beating severe robbery charges.

Understanding the Burden of Proof

In any criminal case, it is most important that the defense attorney understands the government’s burden of proof. The government bears the burden of presenting enough evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the person accused of committing a crime, in fact, did commit the crime. That burden does not rest with the defense or the accused, and does not mean that the accused has any obligation to prove their innocence.

Understanding that burden serves as the first and best leverage a defense attorney has when defending a person charged with any crime and specifically with robbery. Holding the government to their burden of proof, challenging their evidence, and establishing any gaps in the government’s evidence are essential factors in challenging the government’s ability to meet the burden of proof. That is why it is important that a defense attorney has a significant amount of experience with robbery cases.

Leveraging Experience Against the Prosecution

Experience gives the attorney the ability to see the weaknesses and holes in the government’s case and determine how those weaknesses can hinder the prosecutor’s ability to prove a person committed a crime. That includes challenging the unreliability some eyewitness testimony. It can include looking at whether the prosecutors can provide any video photographic evidence or DNA or fingerprint evidence tying an alleged robber to any weapons that were used in a robbery and proves a person’s guilt. When the prosecutors intend to use DNA or fingerprint evidence, the defense attorney can inspect and challenge the reliability of that evidence. These responsibilities require the attorney to have a background in criminal defense and experience in understanding how to defend against robbery charges. An experienced attorney can use their skills to gain leverage over a prosecutor and challenge the evidence in the case.

Importance of Working With a Criminal Defense Attorney

In Washington, DC, there are different kinds of attorneys. Attorneys may have a background in family law, personal injury law, or corporate law. When a person faces a serious charge like robbery, it is important to understand the complexity of these kinds of charges. Working with a DC robbery lawyer can make all of the difference in a person’s case. A defense attorney should have a background in robbery charges and other kinds of criminal offenses to effectively defend and challenge the prosecutor’s evidence in these cases. If you have been charged with robbery, retain the services of a determined robbery lawyer that could devote the time and resources necessary to build your case.