DC Driving Without Insurance Lawyer

Before a person is legally allowed to drive in DC, they must have liability and uninsured motorist coverage. If an individual is pulled over by a law enforcement officer or is involved in a car accident they must then show proof of their insurance. Additionally, a person must also have proof of car insurance when registering a car or renewing registration at the DMV. If in one of these situations, the driver does not have proof of the necessary insurance requirements, the officer or the DMV will be put on notice that one does not have valid car insurance.

If this is alleged, it is important to contact a DC driving without insurance lawyer to ensure your driving privileges are protected and the harm and fines minimized as must as possible.  To learn more or discuss building a defense for your case, call and schedule a consultation with a traffic attorney in DC today.


Penalties for driving without insurance include a fine of up $150 for a lapse of insurance between one to 30 days, and there is an additional $7 fine for each additional 30 days that one does not have valid insurance.The maximum fine that someone may receive is $2,500, however, they do have a possibility of arranging a six-month payment plan with the DMV to pay off the fines they owe once they have current insurance.

In addition to fines, someone may also face the suspension of their registration tag making it important a driving without insurance attorney in DC is contacted as possible.

Long Term Consequences

With that said, a person’s driving record is one of the factors that a DC car insurance company will base their rates on. Therefore it is likely that if someone has a driving with an insurance conviction on their record, this may force the insurance company to charge higher rates, or require the purchase of high risk insurance, also known as SR-22 insurance, or drop the individual from coverage altogether.

In some circumstances, however, the insurance company may not punish drivers if they have been long-time customers or the insurance company is willing to negotiate with them if they completed an online driving course.

Hiring An Attorney

A DC driving without insurance lawyer should be familiar with the local driving laws, as well as all of the requirements that an individual will need to obtain car insurance in the District of Columbia.  The lawyer should also have knowledge of any penalties associated with a driving without insurance conviction. Through this knowledge and experience, an experienced driving without insurance attorney in DC can offer peace of mind and help you walk through the steps of regaining insurance and offering proof to the DC DMV.